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What do you do when your phone dies?

What do you do when your phone reaches capacity and you can’t take a picture for Instagram?

My phone camera reached capacity last night during my workout with Amer and I couldn’t take a video for Instagram! TRAGEDY! I know that my life revolves around technology. I love when I disconnect for a few hours but sometimes it really does give me anxiety.

If you have spent anytime with me in person then you know my phone is just an extension of my right hand. I even run races with it in a ziplock baggy so I can Instagram moments of my fantabulous fun times.

Color Me Rad 2

I never leave home without my iPhone and the only time I’ll put it down (sometimes) is during a workout.

I thought I’d share with you some of my favourites apps that keep me motivated and going. I’ll share some of the apps I use on a daily basis, my fitness apps that help me train and stay on track with my nutrition and my love for social media.


Songza – I’m slightly obsessed with the Pop Wake-Up Call when I’m getting ready in the morning and I’ll listen to Drop a Beat Workout at the gym and this week I discovered Get Pumped: Pop Anthems.


Nature Sound – If I’m having trouble falling asleep I’ll put on the light rain or light rain on a tent noise and the 30 min sleep timer.

Nature Sound


MyFitnessPal – when I’m starting a new meal plan I’ll track my food in the diary to see how my macros are lining up and the total calories consumed.

my fitness pal

Nike Training – sometimes if I’m bored of my regular routine I’ll throw on an NTC session for a great HIIT workout



Nike Running + – I track my runs on this app so I can see my pace & total distance.

Nike Running +

BeatRun – this app allows me to pick a playlist and then choose the Beats Per Minute (BPM) that I want to set the music too. That way I don’t have to research what bpm the song is set to to begin with.



Social Media:

I obviously love me some Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. But I’ll share what I use to edit pics, make collages or post quotes.

InstaQuote – this allows me to write quotes in pretty font on a simple background


Over – allows me to take existing collages or images and overlay cool fonts on top


Framestatic – this is my go to app for making picture collages


Tell me how do you use technology or apps to make your life easy and fun??


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