Long Run & Meal Prep Sunday

So Sunday’s long run was supposed to be 18 KM. I was all set to drive up to Barrie for a fit date with my girl Michelle but she had to cancel due to work priorities. Needless to say, I was not looking forward to running on my own. I let myself sleep in without an alarm and was up at 8 am. Mug cake & coffee & water was consumed as I sat on my balcony making a playlist to get me pumped for spending over 2 hours with myself on the road. Here it is if you need new ideas for running music! My favourite is definitely Avicii – Wake Me Up.

18 KM playlist
Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 8.24.46 PM

On Saturday I helped my lovely social media friend Jaime Stein shop for energy gels & chews for his climb that’s coming up. He warned me that PowerBar Gel was gross but it was cheaper than Gu (I’m a bit of a deal seeker) and they had a Double Latte flavour (I’m a bit of a coffeeaholic). I should’ve listened to Jaime but I hated the PowerBar gel and couldn’t even finish it. The consistency was like syrup, not gel. It was way too sweet and I thought I was swallowing high fructose corn syrup. Blah! Look at my first negative product review!!! lol, I’ve used Gu Energy gels before and have an obsession with the Espresso Love. I should’ve brought another with me but alas I had to make do with one. Product comparison is done. Never again! I love me my Gu!


I took a picture of myself pre-run. Happy and smiling in the top left corner of the picture below. After mapping 18 KM but getting lost a bit in Sunnybrook park (not a bad location to get lost) but still, I had to run an extra 2 KM to get home which got me closer to my half marathon distance. I’m so proud that I ran almost 20 KM (ok so in the heat I was forced to walk up 2 – 3 hills and for the second last KM but I still did it!!!). I was a tad tired and hot. See the bottom right picture below!

I’m doing an Instagram photo challenge that my friend Jess is putting on called #trulycommitted so it was fitting that Sunday’s challenge was something to be proud of! Hence the collage and captions below. In good news my knees, IT bands and hip flexors and holding together and I have minimal pain. Nothing that a little rest and icing and foam rolling don’t fix!!


Some beautiful pics of what I saw through Sunnybrook Park.


After much napping, icing and telling myself I could do it I went back out into the heat to walk across the street for groceries. Then after more sitting and reading and motivating self-talk I got my booty up and meal prepped for the week. Below is a picture of most of the food I prepped. I made homemade granola, turkey & beef burgers, two kinds of kale salads, homemade hummus, quinoa, and a couple of quick meals of the Tone It Up nutrition plan. Not pictured is a batch of chicken breasts, smoothies for the week (I bag everything so I can just drop into my blender, blend and go), washed and prepped fruit for protein pancake toppers and carrot slices for the hummus.


What did you Meal Prep on Sunday?

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  1. Just found your blog recently and love you posts!
    My diet is definitely not as lean as yours, but I’m going to keep reading and be inspired by you!

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