Lessons from dōTERRA 2018 Leadership

I just had the pleasure of attending my second Leadership retreat with dōTERRA. Last year I was a brand new baby Silver leader who hit my rank in January of 2017 and then attended Leadership 2 months later. I was so excited to attend for the first time and I got to meet some amazing leaders from our larger team who are on different cross-lines and have now become my business besties. Over the past year, my belief in the company and the business opportunity has continued to grow.

My belief in the products, the company and myself has really solidified over the past year. I’m now in a place where my next rank will be achieved once I build belief in my team and truly learn what it means to be a leader. My experience at Leadership this year was everything I needed to be able to do that.


I dipped my toes in the water with dōTERRA as a Wellness Advocate in April 2016 when I moved to Ottawa. I knew that when I took a pay cut from my job in Toronto to a job in Ottawa I needed to diversify my income and truly start monetizing a side hustle. I had been dabbling in the side hustle game as a blogger, podcaster, freelance writer, and brand ambassador. I was trading value & content creation for products and payments for a few one-time projects. In addition, when I became an author, I barely made any profit from self-publishing my book in August of 2016. When I took a look at the compensation plan for the dōTERRA business model and knew how in love with the product I was as a customer I said “why not?” to the opportunity. My inner voice said, “Let me try it out and see if I can be successful in this business.” I barely believed but my gut was telling me that I needed to jump with both feet in and build belief from there.

As I worked through limiting beliefs, started sharing the essential oils with others and seeing how a simple bottle of oil could empower someone to take a little bit more control over their own health care my belief in the company’s mission and my own was built.

When you hear that dōTERRA and it’s Wellness Advocates (direct sellers) have a mission to revolutionize the healthcare industry, it’s true. We have large ambitions and should be wayyyy more loud about it. Sometimes it takes a bit for us to truly embrace the belief in the mission but once we do, you can’t stop us!

A revolution is a radical and pervasive change in society and the social structure. 

A revolutionary functions outside or beyond established procedure, principles, etc. 

I am a healthcare revolutionary who believes in the healthcare revolution that dōTERRA wants to achieve in my lifetime. And while I think of Les Miserable everytime I hear the word “revolution” it really is what we are doing as direct sellers and dealers of essential oils.


Did she just say “dealer” of essential oil? YUP! Deal with it. Pun intended. LOL.

We are trying to build a health care model that is a mix of western and eastern medicine. We turn to plant-based medicine to support and assist our bodies with pain points we’re trying to solve. We aren’t promising magic pills but we are promising well-formulated products that are potent and pure. I sell essential oils but I deal hope. I deal proactive healthcare tips and I genuinely want to impact the lives of others. And if the bottle of essential oil is the catalyst that someone takes a little bit better care of themselves my mission is accomplished.

For me to impact more lives I need to grow my business and for me to see business growth I have to get so much louder about what I’m actually doing from a business perspective and build my team while providing value and service to my amazing customers and amazing leaders who have already raised their hand to this opportunity.

So with that let me share with you my top lessons from the dōTERRA Leadership Retreat that just took place in Orlando last week. Even if you’re not involved in dōTERRA you’ll be able to apply the lessons to your own business or side hustle. I’m sharing them because you may already be a dōTERRA Wellness advocate and you haven’t attended Leadership yet or you may be hanging out here watching and it’s about time I start speaking louder about the opportunity to give you a chance to say yes to it.

Kill Distraction

There are many women (& men) choosing to build dōTERRA businesses. In the grand scheme of things it’s not saturated but like attracts like and you tend to see a million and one people on social media starting to talk about essential oils and dōTERRA when you do. Many of us start following each other and then comparison syndrome sets in and you think should I be building my business that way or maybe that way?

dōTERRA has recently introduced a training system called Empowered Success that grew out of the Share Success guides. It is so simple and that’s essential. When we “hire” someone to our team we want people to copy what we’ve done to build our businesses and not feel overwhelmed with business activities. We each want to build it a little differently than the other (after all you need a point of difference to be able to market yourself) and that’s important to have that creativity in your business but we can so easily get distracted by shiny objects (like a 2nd Instagram account, launching a new website, teaching a ton of make and take classes vs. focusing on 101 workshops).

So before you launch a new Instagram account or create a website or think of how to teach classes differently come back to the basics, kill distraction of a million and one shiny objects and go back to the simple fact that our business is built by inviting, presenting/teaching and enrolling (selling). When we stray from those activities we get lost in distraction.

Focus on What’s Right and not What’s Wrong

The world teaches you that there is something wrong with you. It’s in magazine headlines, it’s in our social media newsfeeds, and it’s pretty hard to escape it. It’s found in full-time job annual reviews and self-development books.

When we focus on the connection between who we are, what we do best, how we make people feel and how we best perform, it can lead to increased performance, lower attrition in the workplace, higher customer metrics, higher employee engagement and increased citizenship.

dōTERRA gifted us at Leadership with the CliftonStrengths test by Gallup.

Stay tuned for my blog post on Weds about this and find out my top 5!

What I loved about this test is that it gives us permission to stand in our power, in our strengths. It allows us to celebrate innate parts of ourselves that maybe we’ve been told they are actually weaknesses and we should work on changing instead of celebrating.

It allows you to fall in love with you again.

I cannot wait to dig into my strengths more and reverse engineer my success to date and align it to my strengths so I know how to stand in my power and my zone of genius each day.

Kicking Disbelief To The Curb

No matter how strong your mindset is you’ve probably fallen prey to the “what if I can’t” mentality. If you haven’t you’re superhuman and I can’t be your friend! So if you’re like me and countless others here are easy questions to ask yourself when you’re in a woah is me mentality and need help pulling yourself out of it.

What if I can do this?

What if I can make incredible new friends?

What if I DARE to believe this is a real opportunity?

What if I inspire others to take control of their health?

What if I DO reach all my goals?

Can you imagine what could happen if we all choose to rise up and believe we CAN do it?

Come back Wednesday to find out more about the Strenghts test!

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