Lavender Infused Oil

I wanted to hand make Christmas gifts this year. My mother had a huge lavender plant this year in the back yard so we tried to think about what we could use it for and didn’t want to make potpourri sachets like old women. So we opted for essential [edited to infused] oil! I incorrectly called this Essential Oil in the video and blog! Updating to Infused Oil 🙂 Ok so we’re still acting like old women by making this but we’re going to make it cool.

Original Pretty Picture

Edited Pretty Picture


– Sprigs of Fresh Lavender
– Scissors
– 30ml Bottles with Dropper Tops (I bought mine from Saffire Blue) – by accident I wrote 15ml in the video. Don’t shoot me.
– Almond Oil
– Funnel

1. Fill bottles with almond oil 3/4 of the way full. I filled them all the way at first but when you put in the lavender it overflows. I’m sooooo smart sometimes.
2. Snip fresh lavender and place inside bottle
3. Screw dropper tops on tightly
4. Store in a dry cool place away from sunlight for 1-2 months

I haven’t decided if I’ll gift with the lavender sprigs still in our take them all out. Yet to be determined! Up to you.

You can use this to make linen water or room spray!

Do you hand make Christmas presents?

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