Kelowna Weekend

I’ve visited Kelowna before and loved it. One because my West Coast Baldwin family is out here and two who doesn’t love looking at mountains and beautiful scenery.

I got in late Friday night and went to bed immediately. Yes I’m an old woman. Saturday morning I got up nice and early due to still being on Toronto time. We headed off for a family run minus my uncle and boy cousin 😉 It was just us girls which meant pre-run and mid-run selfies!



It was absolutely gorgeous outside and great running weather. We ran for an hour and I was able to knock out 10K. I decided instead of carting my heart rate monitor on this trip I’d make use of the handy dandy Nike Fuel Band that I got during the NTC launch. My Fuel was at 3072 post run. This is only the second day wearing it so we’ll see how it manages on days I don’t do runs.


Saturday afternoon my uncle and I hiked up Knox Mountain to gorgeous views, great conversation and more active fun for me. I need to hike more. We picked up a couple of bottles of wine for dinner. I got to try the local Kelowna Malbecs which were nice but I think I’m an Argentian Malbec snob.


The little star of the weekend was Primrose. If you know me you know that I’m not a cat person but this little kitten won me over. I’m allergic to cats and they usually know this and just want to snuggle but I was ok around this little one. We had a high five game going Sunday morning.


Sunday we had a family photoshoot down by the water. It was gorgeous. Including the photobombs, selifies and cheesy poses. My family is truly blessed to live out here and I’m truly blessed to be able to visit them.




What did you get up to this weekend?


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