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I am blessed to be working with SportChek. They have a blogger outreach program that is second to none. They have just been amazing to work with so far. They are truly getting to know their bloggers and partners.

First off, they sent me a series of questions to get to know me better. I have never known a company to take the time to do that before. They sent me those awesome tickets to the Tennis Canada event. Then last night after a craptastic day at work an inspiration kit arrived at my door to cheer me up. I am truly blessed by them.

They even have Your Better Starts Here wrapping paper. Way to know how to have your branding and tag line all over the place. As someone who works in the ad industry I’m in love with this campaign.

If you look carefully in the picture below there is a mirror, hot yoga mat and heart rate monitor! Do not make fun of my slippered first position feet 🙂 Once a ballerina always a ballerina.

In my answers to them I talked alot about my love for yoga, spinning and running. So the gifts in my inspiration kit were perfect for where I’m at in my fitness journey.

The hot yoga mat is perfect for my goals of practising hot yoga once a week. I want to be present on the mat in a hot yoga studio at least once a week. The reason why it’s such a big part of my life and fitness journey is so I can focus on balance, mental focus, flexibility and stress management.

The heart rate monitor is perfect for my love for running and spin class. I need to focus on my cardiovascular health as well as lifting weights and heart rate training is key for pushing me further and getting better every day.

The mirror was a big surprise. I wrote to them that my fitness journey started in 2009 when I looked in the mirror and saw that I had become skinny fat. I was unhappy with what I saw. Now when I look in the mirror no matter what state my body is in I love myself and that is so important in a narcisstic world of mirrors.

SportChek I will cherish this mirror in my current fitness journey and always smile back at myself because I am enough and I do enough every day. I am Better. I can always be Better. My Better starts every day I decide to love myself.

SportChek has graciously given me a $100 gift card to give away to one of my readers! YAYAYYAY it’s an early Christmas!!!! For Canadian residents only!

Here’s how you can apply!

1. Tell me in the comment section 2 of your fitness goals for the next month! Don’t wait for January resolutions! Along with your goals what are some things at Sport Chek you would get to help you to achieve your fitness goals.

2. Follow me on Twitter: @RobynBaldwin

3. Follow me on Instagram: RobynBaldwin

I will pick a winner December 7 so you can get your shop on!


***UPDATE**** congrats Meghan for winning this giveaway! She’s going for her third half marathon and starting cross fit this month!

Thank you everyone for sharing your goals and I can’t wait to hear about everyone achieving them by January!

22 thoughts on “SportChek Inspiration Kit

  1. Oh la la! What a fantastic little goodie bag.

    My fitness goals for December are:
    1) back into yoga class, since I’ve been avoiding it since breaking my leg.
    2) lots of time walking up and down the beach in Georgia with my family over the holiday.

    I already follow on Twitter and Instagram 🙂

  2. This awesome! I love it!!

    I recently hired a personal trainer! One of the thins on my “bucket list” is to compete in a Bikini competition (Robyn, since your first show you inspired me! I never thought it was actually an attainable goal for me until a few months ago). So I have hired a personal trainer so that I am ready for either April or May 2013!
    This leads me to my goals for the next 4 weeks….

    1.My first goal is to commit to the meal plan my trainer gave me. It is a 4 week plan and will be difficult to accomplish considering all of the Christmas parties and family gatherings I have planned
    2. Weight training 4 days a week. I have to substitute my love for running for my hatred of weights. This will be challeging for me.. but I need to build muscle mass so here goes nothing! eeeek

    Wish me luck!

  3. Goals for this month:
    Beat my mile run time
    Lift heavier and especially beat my personal best squat weight
    Try hot yoga because I have heard lots of hype about it
    Eat clean so that I can indulge a little on Christmas day
    From Sport Chek I would purchase a hot yoga mat, workout clothes (love getting new wotkout gear), workout gloves and straps

  4. Love your giveaway – formalizing my intentions online (even if it’s just a comment) is giving me a much needed kick in the butt!

    My goals:
    – Complete a sunrise yoga workout 1x a week
    – Incorporate short HIIT workouts 2x a week
    – Complete a 20 minute hill walk workout at 15% incline (at 3.5 mph)

    Other than a stopwatch/nterval timer I have everything I need – although I think I’d also get a yoga block to practice headstands (and some new workout clothes :))

  5. I neglected to include in my original post what I would spend the 100 dollars on – a new pair of running shoes as I am in dire need for a new pair 🙂

  6. Well my dear, including a VEGAN component to Christmas is a big goal of mine (and will happen, sorry family). Also, using my downstairs gym facilities now that my ankle is all healed. I desperately need a new pair of kicks for this 🙂

  7. I start training for my first marathon at the end of the month so my December goals are to keep building my base and to successfully complete the Runners World Holiday Run Streak! Sport Chek has everything I need from running shoes to Nuun!

  8. I didn’t know that Sport Check worked with bloggers. I should since I’m there a couple of weeks!

    My December goals are quite simple and attainable:
    1) Move for 30 minutes MORE than I usually would each and every day in December (#30FOR30)
    2) Postpone Xmas baking (and Xmas baking consumption!) until the 10th of the month!

    I’m already following you on both platforms!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Ooo fun!!! Hmmm, well I’ve made a workout plan for the next month that I’m hoping to really be strict and stick to, and another goal is to decide whether I want to start training for Tough Mudder!! Ahhhh!!! I’m so nervous!!!! 🙂 🙂 SportChek would help me by providing me with good gear to train with, and some new shoes!! I also follow you in both places 🙂

  10. Wow what an amazing program. I love seeing their commercials at the gym – I’ve never actually been inspired by a commercial before I saw “Your Better Starts Here”. I don’t believe in waiting “until monday” to start my plans. In December I want to reach 199lbs or less and I also want to be able to fit into my wedding dress again.

  11. Two of my goals are to re-start my long lost yoga practise, and to get back into strength training. Teaching 12 or more cardio based classes/week for the past couple years has caused me to lose SO much muscle mass it’s sad.

  12. I wasn’t sure if I was suppose to leave a separate comment for following you on twitter and instagram, but I do already follow you on both (@suziconfesses)

  13. seems like a great idea!
    fitness goal 1: feel the runners high again! i want to be able to run 1 mile in about 10 minutes (last time i did it, it took me 14 minutes bad fitness!) if i can train myself to get there by january i’ll be very proud of myself!

  14. My fitness goals are to slowly get back into running again. After months of rest & recovery from a running injury, I’m feel like I’m ready to get back in the game. I’ve been focusing on strength training & mobility, so I’m hoping my body responds well! My second goal is to not overdo it & listen to my bodys cues instead of running through the pain like I did in the past.

  15. Wow, this blog is so cool! I got the link from Morgan Shuker on Health Ed 😀

    Okay, my two goals are:

    1. Find a yoga class I can get to regularly! I was going pretty regularly last year but my instructor when on Mat leave!

    2. Every morning before my shower, get my pushups and crunches done to kickstart my day!

    Fingers crossed! Your blog is really great 🙂

  16. My two fitness related goals for December are to get in two runs a week (one long one) in preparation for my half marathon in January and to get in enough sleep to fuel myself properly and avoid stress eating! With two jobs this can be quite difficult.

    Thanks for hosting a Canadian giveaway! Made my day.

    I follow you on twitter and instagram!

  17. Canadian – love it!

    My two goals for December are:

    1. Build my mileage for my third half marathon (February)! Training outdoors for a winter race gets coooold, so from Sportchek I would buy some new gloves (I’m still using dollar store ones).

    1. Starting CrossFit next week and attending classes at least twice a week for cross-training! From Sportchek I would get some of their Reebook CrossFit specific clothing.

    Thanks for the great giveaway! 🙂

  18. Great idea, Robyn!

    My two fitness goals for the month are to get my food back on track NOW instead of making excuses about the holidays, and (this one’s more of an all-around mental/physical/emotional health goal) by the end of them month define 30 experiences that I want to have in 2013 to grow and learn and make myself the person I want to be. I’m making my plan NOW.

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