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We are living through a crisis of distraction. Plans get sidetracked, friends are ignored, and work never seems to get done.

Why does it feel like we’re distracting our lives away?

In Indistractable, behavioural designer Nir Eyal reveals the hidden psychology driving you to distraction. Empowering and optimistic, this is the book that will help you design your time, realise your ambitions, and live the life you really want.

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What I Thought

I really enjoyed listening to this audiobook while driving back from our cottage after the September long weekend. While I’ve definitely already implemented many of the tips like turning on do not disturb mode, turning off app notifications I still get sucked into social media scrolling.

Some things that I learned were about making internal or external pacts with oneself or friends.

The example that Nir shared gave me an aha moment. He made an internal pact with himself that he would workout every day and if he didn’t he would have to burn a 100-dollar bill. I love that type of motivation! The other external pact example that stuck in my brain was promising to pay a friend 10,000 dollars if he didn’t finish the manuscript for the book by a certain date. I love a good accountability partner that doesn’t actually do anything! LOL

The part that I truly appreciated though was how to create a culture of indistractability for our kids! I highly recommend reading this book for yourself or your family!

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