How To Make Beach Vacations Fun

I developed ADD (kidding) in my adult age. I can’t sit still for very long. Which means… If I go on a resort or beach vacation I can only sit still and tan for several hours before I have to do something. Thankfully I have friends that understand me and are similar so we go on adventures together since we can only work out so much on vacation!

My roommate, Katie, on my recent Dominican trip for the Transformation Retreat came armed with a photo album of images on her phone that she wanted us to try and replicate while we were down South. Here are the results!

Climbing A Tree

So sometimes we look funny getting into position… But then we pull off cute.

Tree Pose

Our standard day looked like this. Wake up, make coffee, get dressed, check social media, do morning meditation, do yoga, beach run, breakfast, check work email for an hour, get into bikinis, lie around for an hour getting a tan, go for a 2-hour walk taking silly pictures, eat lunch, go on another walking adventure, boot camp, shower, get ready for dinner, dinner, dancing & bed. Repeat.

Here are some photos from our daily beach walks…

Side Plank

I was pretty good at using the timer setting on my iPhone or my Go Pro but at times we needed to recruit photographers. 

One night after dinner we couldn’t stop laughing when Joyce art-directed a photoshoot. She gave us 4 cues. Pose like a fountain. Feline, Bird and finally Walk Like An Egyptian. How’d we do?

Vacation Photo Shoot
Vacation Photo Shoot
Vacation Photo Shoot

My second trip over the past few weeks was to go on the Spartan Cruise. I still need to do a full review of the ship part of the trip (to come… so busy since I got back). We got stuck on the ship on Sunday (the day after the race) so I got pretty bored. When we landed in Miami I had to do something fun. I convinced my friend Richard to go off to the Miami Seaquarium to frolic around & swim with dolphins!

Miami Acquarium
Miami Aquarium

What do you like to do on potentially boring vacations to make them fun?

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