How to add dōTERRA to your Yoga Studio

One of my dōTERRA team members is helping to start a yoga studio with her friend in Connecticut. As she gets ready for the launch of the studio, I wanted to ensure that they are set up for success. I put together a PDF of all the things they’ll need to get started. I gathered the information from other successful yoga studio owners on our larger team. Other yoga studio owners are freely sharing this information. I’ve used one of my skills of curating information in a way that can help others as well.

I’ve organized the “Setting Up Your Yoga Studio with dōTERRA Guide” into 5 sections. I share how to set up your retail shop and how to market dōTERRA around the studio. You’ll be given a list of exactly what to print off for a product binder which you can use as a resource for yourself and the studio staff. You’ll get a checklist on the exact steps to started with dōTERRA. And last but not least, I include suggestions on what to order and a timeline for ordering products.

But first, let’s take a step back and go back to dōTERRA basics…

If you’ve found this blog and you have yet to hear of dōTERRA the company or the business model let’s start with that first. I’ve compiled information here on the company, so I suggest heading over there first and reading that page before continuing on, especially if you’re new to dōTERRA and essential oils.

So why would you want to add dōTERRA to your studio offerings?

Adding dōTERRA to your studio offerings opens you to a new source of income that can be reoccurring or residual in nature. To get started you simply choose to partner with dōTERRA and a wellness advocate (like myself) that is passionate about the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and how they complement health, wellness and a yogic lifestyle. What’s more aligning than marrying your yoga business with a direct selling business that’s aligned with your goals and dreams?


I know nothing about essential oils or dōTERRA!

That’s ok, neither did I. I started as a wholesale customer, purchasing the products and educating myself on using them. From there I started to share the benefits with others as I saw success for myself. I would never recommend adding this stream of income unless you are a raving fan of the product first. I recommend a studio owner or studio manager become a customer first and foremost. From there I would then recommend making the leap from wholesale customer to wellness advocate with dōTERRA.

Without further ado, here are my…

Top 10 Reasons for Adding dōTERRA to your Studio

  1. Ability to diffuse premium quality essential oils in the studio to create a beautiful environment for your students to practice in.
  2. Access to green cleaning products to use non-toxic cleaning products in the studio. Some of the DIY recipes for cleaning sprays are also more cost-effective than purchasing them pre-made.
  3. Claim all products purchased for the studio as a business expense.
  4. dōTERRA Essential Oils are one of the only pure, therapeutic grade essential oils tested to be free of fillers, synthetics and more. Want to know more about the research? Shoot me an email ( I’d love to share some of the more recent studies showing dōTERRA is one of the ONLY companies that have a pure product.
  5. Increase the health and vitality of your studio staff by focusing on increasing their health and decreasing their stress by using the products.
  6. Create a second income stream that allows you to be paid outside of your studio or teaching income.
  7. Never have to worry about low season by creating popular essential oil classes to fill that space.
  8. Encourage your studio staff and teachers to create an additional income stream as well. With staff who never have to stress about having a full roster of classes, they can show up more fully and serve those in attendance.
  9. Teach essential oil classes around proactive health, or chakras or working with masculine and feminine energy that are complementary to your yoga classes.
  10. Ability to expand your reach in the community and attract new studio customers.

Now let me share a few tips from each section of the “Setting Up Your Yoga Studio with dōTERRA Guide” to give you a taste of what’s in the full PDF and if it might be a great resource for you:

Retail Tips

  1. Set up a diffuser at reception and in the retail space
  2. Diffuse oils that you are currently selling in the retail space (bonus tip: dōTERRA offers 1 product at 10% off each month, why not feature that oil as the oil of the month?)
  3. Display empty bottles of the Top 10 oils on shelf, empty those bottles into sample drams that you can easily sample to those who are interested (helps avoid potential theft of full bottles of oils)


  1. Offer monthly essential oil classes for your staff and studio goers
  2. Put together a product binder that’s easily accessible in the retail space with Product Information Pages
  3. Display an Oil of the Month card beside each diffuser with key information about the oil being diffused.

For the full list download the “Setting Up Your Yoga Studio with dōTERRA Guide” PDF below.

Product Binder

  1. Include Wholesale and Retail pricing for your market
  2. Have a 1 pager on safety guidelines
  3. Include a 1 pager on the CPTG tests and information

For the full list download the “Setting Up Your Yoga Studio with dōTERRA Guide” PDF below.

What to Order

  1. Diffusers for each studio, 1 for reception and 1 for the retail shop
  2. Foaming hand soap and dispensers for the changerooms/washrooms.
  3. Top Ten Oils and Intro Kits

For the full list download the “Setting Up Your Yoga Studio with dōTERRA Guide” PDF for all the information.

Not yet working with a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate to get this set up in your studio?

Book a Discovery Call with me to see if we’d be a great business match made in heaven for each other! Flip me an email at and let’s chat.

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