My Hospital Bag Checklist

Did you know they (different pregnancy experts) recommend packing your hospital bag at 27 weeks with a twin pregnancy!? So when I saw that around week 26 I panicked slightly and then found a few resources and started packing! So here is my Hospital Bag Checklist…

I’m using my Away rolling carry-on suitcase, Mike got himself a really nice duffle bag from Flag Fail. We also got gifted us a Tactical Baby Gear Diaper Bag so the babies’ supplies are packed in that.

Mom’s Hospital Bag

  • Snacks: Granola Bars (I like Kind Bars & Hemp Bars from Costco), Ginger Candies and Smart Sweets. I’ll also throw bananas in closer to the due date.
  • Electrolytes: I grabbed 2 containers of coconut water from the grocery store and Nuun sport tabs (watermelon flavor) and Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator (I got the little sachets in lemon-lime) from our local health food store.
  • Simple Sugars For Energy: Heinz Baby Applesauce Pouches from our grocery store (I got the Apple, Pear & Cinnamon and Apple, Strawberry & Raspberry flavors), Endurance Tap which contains maple syrup, ginger blend & salt and Honey Sticks from our local farmer’s market.
  • Labour Gowns + Night Gown from BabyBeMine (I ended up ordering from the states because I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted on Amazon). I ended up ordering the Zoe Blue Floral 3-in-1 Labour Gown, the Marin 3-in-1 Labour Gown, and the Lisa Nightgown. What I love about the Labour Gowns is that they have a stretchy neck so they are easy to breastfeed in, snaps up the back for having an epidural sighted, and a slit in the front for easy access to my nether regions by the hospital staff! I’ll wear the Lisa Nightgown after birth and it also has a stretchy neckline for easy access to the boobs.
  • Robe
  • Flip Flops for the Bathroom & Shower
  • Slippers in case we’re allowed to walk around the hallway
  • Earphones for listening to music without disturbing anyone working in our room
  • Phone & Phone Charger
  • Earplugs
  • Yoni Soak + Large Mason Jar for Steeping: My Port Alberni Doula brought me a Yoni Soak for post-birth and recommended bringing a large mason jar for steeping as the hospital should have a kettle for tea. I can steep it in the mason jar and then use it in the peri bottle they give me there.
  • Incontinence Underwear: While I know the hospital will give me those fabulous mesh underwear I’m popping a few incontinence underwear in my bag in case of heavy bleeding. I ordered the Always Discreet.
  • Water Bottle with Straw: I have the Teal YETI 20 oz Rambler and picked up the lid with a straw to bring with us to the hospital.
  • Toiletries: I’m packing travel-size dōTERRA shampoo & conditioner, OnGuard toothpaste, lip balm, and hair ties.
  • Going Home Clothes: I’ll pack these probably as I go into labor as I want to throw my Lululemon Align tights, a nursing bra, and a nursing top in and I’ve been wearing all three during my pregnancy. I also grabbed a pair of the Knixwear Core Love highrise leakproof underwear so I’ll throw those in now so I can wear them home.

Babies’ Diaper Bag

  • Diapers: I packed newborn Hello Bello & Honest diapers as I’d like to have less toxic versions on hand for the babes. I am not buying preemie sized diapers so I will have to rely on the hospital ones if they are teeny tiny.
  • Diaper Cream: I packed a tube of the dōTERRA Diaper Cream (US Shopping Link & Canada Shopping Link)
  • Onesies: I grabbed the Buy One, Get One Free onesies that you may have seen in our pregnancy announcement photos, and then 2 other sets of long-sleeve onesies (which we can use for going home outfits).
  • Baby Announcement Picture Outfits: We have a swaddle & bow for our baby girl and a swaddle & hat set for our baby boy to get them all dressed up for their social media debut to the world.
  • Swaddles: We were gifted a bunch of new and used swaddles so I’ve thrown a few in the diaper bag even though we’ll have ones in the hospital.
Buy One Get One Free Onesies

Random Items

  • Breastfeeding pillow: We purchased a gently used My Brest Friend from the Once Upon a Child Nanaimo store
  • Car seats: We purchased the Chicco KeyFit
  • Pillows & blanket
  • Cooler for the placentas as I’m doing placenta encapsulation

My Husband’s Bag

  • Changes of clothes
  • Flip flops & swim trunks in case he joins me in the shower or tub
  • Pillows & blanket
  • Phone and phone charger
  • Camera
  • Earplugs
  • Bluetooth speaker for music in the room

So my husband actually purchased 2 emergency OB kits. He’s done training as a paramedic and has actually delivered 3 babies. When we decided to give birth in Nanaimo instead of Port Alberni (which is an hour away) he purchased the kits just in case something were to happen on the drive into Nanaimo and he has to catch his newborns 🙂

So how did I prepare my checklist? I actually didn’t watch any YouTube videos on the subject or read any other blogs. I received a printed hospital checklist from my prenatal and post-partum Doula and my Naturopath sent me hers which is up on her blog! I felt overly prepared in the hospital checklist department so I’m really glad for all the resources I had to prep.

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