Do NOT Hire Homeland Moving

I didn’t want it to come to this but unfortunately, I’m using my blog to provide an accurate reflection of a horrible experience we had moving from British Columbia to Ontario. Do NOT under any circumstance hire Homeland Moving. I’m hoping that someone may find this review while researching the company and will avoid making a costly mistake as we did.

I’ll try to keep this post short and sweet and provide you with the highlight reel of why this company is receiving a horrible review from us.

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  • We booked them to pack up our house on March 30, 2021, and then pack up the truck on March 31, 2021, as we knew they wouldn’t be able to do the pack in one day. I confirmed this with their sales manager via email (see image below). The Homeland Moving crew that arrived wasn’t informed of this and told us that they’d be packing everything up on March 30th. I called the company and they offered to put us up in a hotel. We had flights booked on March 31st so I told the company to put the movers up in a hotel so we could sleep everyone overnight in our own beds/cribs. I wasn’t about to try and take our babies out of their routine a day before traveling.
  • The Homeland Moving crew of 3 arrived to pack up our house. One crew member was extremely inexperienced. I walked into a room to find him throwing picture frames (with glass) into a box without wrapping them. I had to find the lead crew member and have him explain that they needed to be wrapped as he didn’t seem to understand English very well. When I unpacked one box in Ottawa I found a bunch of picture frames wrapped in our drapes. They are lucky those didn’t break.
  • Were told by the moving crew that they refused to go into the crawl space. If we had known this ahead of time we would’ve pulled everything out ahead of time. But instead, I spent the majority of the day pulling everything out myself from the crawl space as my husband had hurt his back that week.
  • None of the boxes were labeled, which we didn’t discover until they were unloading them in Ottawa. My husband had to open every box as it got off the truck and then tell the mover’s which room of the house to put them in. Because he was standing outside checking each box the movers just unloaded them into whatever room they felt like. So we had to sort through everything ourselves and move boxes from room to room to unpack.
  • They broke several items from my road bike handles to wine glasses to picture frames to jewelry containers to a dented instant pot (and more). The “best” discovery was opening a box to find out that our diaper genie had been dumped in upside down and dirty diapers were strewn around the box. I had asked the Homeland Moving crew to leave the genie out until the last moment as we were obviously using it with our twins during the day. That blue thing is a ceramic lamp shoved upside down without wrapping as well.
  • Our road bikes were carelessly wrapped and then shoved into boxes that were too small and had rips in them.
  • We were promised by Homeland Moving that the moving truck would arrive in Ottawa on May 1st as that was the date we got our house back. I received a call in April that they were going to deliver everything on April 18th. I then had to communicate with them that I had arranged with the sales manager to put things into storage until May 1st. It was never communicated to us until I called them on April 30th that they weren’t going to make it for May 1st. They informed us late April 30th that the truck with our items on it was stuck in Montreal and that it didn’t pass a government inspection. The owner very rudely handled my call and only offered to send us $300 for our troubles. When I asked him what he was going to do to solve the problem he ignored me.
  • When I emailed Homeland Moving to file an insurance claim of the damaged items and to inform them that their crew had done a horrible job packing they had no interest in how they could potentially do better in the future but simply said they trusted their crew. I hope these pictures change their mind.

One thought on “Do NOT Hire Homeland Moving

  1. Hi, thank you for your review of homeland moving. I was thinking of using them for a move from TN to BC. Your photos speak volumes. I think I will pack up my own things. I haven’t really had good experiences with movers. The last ones we used rummaged through our home and stole many old coins.

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