2013 Holiday Yoga Wish List

Yogi Wish List

I sometimes need to refocus and get back to the mat. January is usually a time where I make sure to schedule in my weekly yoga class and stick to it. Here are some things I would love to help me get grounded again.

Tiny Devotions: I purchased my first mala for myself earlier this year. I love wearing it and knowing what intention it represents for myself. It’s also a great accessory. I want to get a new one and the surfer mala is said to help the wearer ride the waves of life. It protects the wearer from negative energy and brings good fortune. I also love the green gemstone.

Jade Yoga Mat: I tried these out at the yoga show last year. They are super comfortable. I also love that they are eco-friendly. For every mat purchased they plant a tree.

Manifesto Long Sleeve: I need a lightweight long sleeve I can throw on post hot yoga class in the winter. Because no one likes putting their work clothes back on after a hot yoga class.

Take Me Om Pants: For the same reason as the long sleeve I need something I can slip on after a great hot yoga class. Because, have you ever tried to put on tight pants post hot yoga? Enough said.

Yoga Mat Spray: Do you need to keep your yoga mat smelling as lovely as when you bought it? Or smelling even better than brand new material? I love the sound of this list of ingredients in this spray. Check out the link for more…

What yogi presents are on your wish list this year?

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