Self-Care for the Holidays

I love watching people prioritize self-care. I love even more when someone prioritizes taking care of themselves during the holidays when it can be “harder” or it may fall by the wayside and then there is talk of getting back on track in January. 

I don’t believe it has to be all or nothing. There are so many healthy habits that we can fit into our daily routines so that we aren’t found starting from scratch, having to detox in January or feel like crap by the end of the year. 

Here is what I’ll be doing to keep my self-care a priority this holiday season based on the building blocks of health:

Eat Right

I feel best when I eat an auto-immune paleo meal plan so here is how I navigate eating out and potlucks. I offer to bring things I can eat to potlucks, choose restaurants I can eat at or ask people cooking if they can accommodate me and the food sensitivities that I have. If it’s not possible I’ll eat ahead of time and then choose a few things I can eat on the menu or the place I’m going. 

My Non Negotiable Self-Care Habits:

  • Warm Water With Lemon Essential Oil Upon Waking
  • When I Have Sugar Cravings – a Drop of Citrus Essential Oil in my Water Bottle (I’m loving Tangerine & Green Mandarin at the moment)
  • For A Treat Instead Of Office Treats – White Rose Tea Latte with Cinnamon Bark or Cassia Essential Oil
  • Baking a Desert I Can Eat for Gatherings – The AIP Pumpkin Pie  my friend Aubrie made will be my go to this season.

Exercise / Movement

I’m going to try and move my body once a day. Even if it’s simply going for a walk, or a 10 min at home workout, or packing a gym bag and getting to the gym after a work day or before the day starts. 

My Non Negotiable Self-Care Habits:

  • A Swipe of Breathe/Easy Air Under My Nose Before Hot Yoga or a Workout
  • Deep Blue On Sore Muscles Post Workout
  • A Few Drops of Eucalyptus in post workout showers 

Stress Management

I get easily stressed because I usually allow myself to react to situations that I perceive as stressful. I’m trying my hardest to reduce the amount of things that I’m doing in my life but I’m definitely still a recovering workaholic. I have really great tactics that keep me calm so I’m always ensuring they are a part of my day. 

My Non Negotiable Self-Care Habits:

  • My days are so much better if I start out with a 5 min meditation. I get up and choose a few essential oils and place them in my Home Office Diffuser, I turn on the Insight Timer for 5 mins and sit. 
  • When I feel overwhelmed I grab my Peppermint, swipe it on my hands, rub my hands together and inhale deeply. It’s the perfect mid-afternoon pick me up if I’m stressed at work. 


My sleep is a non-negotiable so I will always ensure I’m getting my 8 hours. If we stay out a little longer at a dinner party, then I’ll just sleep in a bit longer and forgo the morning workout or the side hustle work. 

  • I still try and have a few Epsom Salt Baths a week. My go-to oils are Marjoram, Siberian Fir & Ginger.
  • I apply OnGuard on the bottoms of my feet before sleep to boost my immune system. 
  • I’ve been diffusing Holiday Peace in our bedroom diffuser before sleep

Reduce Toxic Load

  • I bought a Santevia filter for the house for a reason. I’m going to try and pack my own water before heading out for the day or use my Santevia Power Stick when out and about. I have one in my water bottle at work. 
  • I pack my supplements on Sunday night and leave them on my desk at work so I can be compliant taking them twice a day. I know staying diligent with them provides my body with the right foundation it needs for producing energy and keeping my immune system healthy. 

But no matter how diligent I am in taking care of reducing my toxic load I don’t obsess over it and just support my system when I need to. So while you won’t find me detoxing in the new year I do take part in a supplement “cleanse” a few times a year, that simply supports replenishing my gut health and supporting my liver in being able to function properly 🙂 

If you’d like to get started with the dōTERRA supplements you can head on over here. Grab yourself the Cleanse & Restore Kit from the US Warehouse and I’ll be guiding my customers through a 30 day cleanse starting January 7th. 

Ps. Want to watch my FB live with my friend Shannon Cadieux on our self-care tips? Click Here to watch on FB

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