2013 Holiday Fit Foodie Wish List

Fit Food Wish List

I love experimenting in the kitchen. I like to try at least one new recipe a week. I am pretty blessed with what I have in my kitchen but if I were to step it up a notch I would love these gadgets. The ecojarz however are definitely a must have though for my daily smoothies!

1. Organic Food Delivery: I want to shop local and support farmers in my province. Having a box delivered weekly will also help me save time on grocery shopping every weekend. I’d only have to grab staples and meat! This is definitely a great present for the fit foodie in your life.

2. Vegetable Spiralizer: I’m jealous of looking at food blogger’s sweet potato and zucchini pasta pictures. I want in on this fun!

3. Food Dehydrator: I’d like to be able to make healthy live raw treats during my Sunday meal prep so I’ve been looking into dehydrators and would love to add this to my kitchen. I can’t wait to make kale chips in mass quantities!

4. Ecojarz Mug with Drinktop: I love drinking smoothies out of glass but my current big glass jar from Fresh Restaurant is heavy to cart around. Although these ecojarz are glass they are slightly more compact than what I currently have.

5. Juicer: Although I adore my Vitamix that I bought myself last year I definitely want to incorporate more juices vs smoothies into my meal plans. I don’t have the counter space so this may need to stay on my wish list until I’m in a bigger place.

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