Summer Bucket List: Healthy Picnic

I didn’t put “have a picnic” on my summer bucket list but it’s definitely something I wanted to do this year. So last week the idea started floating through my head…

I started a Pinterest board for healthy picnic ideas.

Healthy Picnic on Pinterest

Then I made a menu on my iPhone using the notes app. Plain and simple. The only thing I was worried about was planning the portions for my boyfriend. The man is a bodybuilder and often eats my bodyweight in food at one sitting so I wasn’t sure on how much I should serve him.

Picnic MenuLast Saturday morning came and I got myself to the grocery store. Got all the provisions and prepared everything for easy packing or cooking right before we head out for the picnic. I wasn’t sure when we’d have it on the long weekend but I wanted to be ready for spontaneity (planned spontaneity).

Sunday came and the weather was perfect so I headed out with the man and we bought ourselves a nice blanket from Walmart. I had found the perfect wicker picnic basket for a reasonable price on Pier 1’s website. I was hoping to go but we were running so many errands on Sunday we opted to not get the basket because I decided the cooler I had originally packed the food in was just as good!

I served store bought guac (opted for this as a time saver) & flax seed blue corn chips as an appetizer.

Guac & Blue Corn Chips

Drinks were refreshing cold bottles of Rise Kombucha (a favourite brand of mine) from Montreal.

Rise KombuchaThe main course was Turkey, Quinoa, Green Onion & Red Pepper wraps (we opted for Ezekiel wraps). I cooked up the mixture quickly before we left so the filling was still warm!

Turkey Quinoa Wraps

And then dessert was the fruit salad served in waffle bowls (I got the idea for cones from Pinterest for cones but saw the bowls at Loblaws and got excited. We bought a mini donut maker at Canadian Tire earlier and I tried making the Tone It Up healthy donut recipe. They turned out great! I used Magnum Quattro for the protein powder.

Mini Donuts & Fruit Cups

The key to serving a healthy picnic to a bodybuilder is to ensure he goes for all you can eat sushi at lunch and then has no appetite so your portions for him work out! 😉

Have you planned or gone on a picnic yet this summer? What’s on your menu?

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