Healthy Habits for Decreasing Toxic Load

This week I’m wrapping up my healthy habits series on the blog with a dive into things we can do for ourselves daily or weekly or monthly to support our bodies in this toxic world.

Ok so why have you heard the term toxic load thrown around and what does it mean?

Toxic Load Definition: Toxic load refers to the accumulation of toxins and chemicals in our bodies that we ingest from a variety of sources, including the environment, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the personal care and household products we use.

6 Areas of Your Life To Detoxify


Depending on where you live the air you breathe is becoming more and more full of pollution on the daily. Other than walking around with a mask on what are things you can do to help clean the air around you?

Bring some house plants into your home. Some of the most recommended ones are Spider Plants, Peace Lilies, Aloe Vera, or Snake Plants. The bonus is they are hard to kill as well even if you don’t have a green thumb! Your weekly healthy habit will be watering them every week!

So how do we know these plants are purifiers… well NASA did a study on which plants cleaned the air of known toxins in our home in 1989, umm how cool is that?


The tap water that we drink in North America isn’t that great. And depending where you are they might even add chemicals into your water system. We purchase a Santevia Countertop Water System during a Black Friday sale so that we could remove the Chlorine from our water and re-mineralize it.

Your healthy habit is choosing a water system that’s right for you and getting in your water consumption daily! 🙂

Organic Produce

Wherever possible, I try and purchase organic produce. Purchasing purely organic produce can be hard on the pocketbook. My simple rule is that if it’s part of the dirty dozen or has a thin skin then I’ll purchase organic. Regardless of purchasing organic or not, I will always wash our produce in water and lemon essential oil. You’d be surprised how much grime it takes off the skin.

Your healthy habit will be grocery shopping so that you can purchase fruits and veggies that support your budget. You might even want to invest the time in going to more farmer’s markets.

Grass-Fed Animal Protein

Because of the research, I’ve done around immune system response to gluten and because I eat a lot of animal protein I ensure that our meat consumption is primarily from farms that grass-fed and grass-finish their animals.

It’s why I love my monthly meat box order with truLOCAL.


If you live in Ontario, Alberta or British Columbia and want to try it out this Referral Code: KHJ2BD9W7MZX will get you $20 off your first Regular Box Order.

Your healthy habit will be spending the time once a month to update your meat delivery subscription or looking into purchasing animal protein from a local farmer!

Personal Care Products

Ok so after the air that you breathe and the things you consume the next area of the home I tackled was the things I put on my skin.

This included any products found in a bathroom, including makeup.

I switched over my shampoo & conditioner, my toothpaste, my body wash, my shaving cream, my body butter, my body scrub, and my moisturizer. I use dōTERRA products which I order in my monthly wellness box and it makes life so much easier. The run to the drug store once a month used to be time-consuming but now I just add items to my monthly loyalty rewards order.

dōTERRA Spa Products

Any products I can’t find I shop at a local Ottawa store called Terra20 and when I was in Toronto I could find anything I need at a local health food store. And then makeup-wise, I shop with Beautycounter consultants or I pick items up at Terra20 when needed.

Your healthy habit will be choosing one or two products to overhaul each month and investing in new ones. You can do a complete bathroom overhaul. But believe me it’s expensive so just do it in small increments to not overwhelm yourself.

Cleaning Products

If you’re doing all this work to reduce your toxic load, take it one step further and swap out your cleaning products. This was you can ensure the surfaces you clean don’t have toxic residue left on them.

When I started purchasing dōTERRA, I got excited about the opportunity to simplify what’s under the sink. I make one DIY cleaning spray for our kitchen and bathrooms. I have a recipe for a carpet cleaner because of dogs. And I’ve switched over all our hand soap and dishwashing soap. I’ve put the recipes all in one place for you! Click the image below to browse through them.


I hope you found this helpful! And I hope that maybe it seems a little less overwhelming. Start reducing your toxic load and supporting your body in thriving as it’s meant to!

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