Healthy Daily Morning Habits

I’m always looking for ways to optimize my health. Lately, I’ve been trying to implement a few new healthy habits into my routine. I tend to batch habits together and organize them by the time of day so I don’t overwhelm myself at any one time and spread them out so I’m not trying to do everything when I wake up. I wanted to write out everything I do on a daily basis so I could see where I could slot in 4 new habits. I’ve been really trying every day to oil pull, dry brush, tongue scrape and do a daily devotional. I’ve been able to incorporate a daily devotional practice for the past week so that’s a big win for me. I wrote everything out that I currently do and then slotted in my new habits. This post got so long that I broke it up into two. This one is all about my morning habits and next week I’ll share afternoon & evening habits.

When you write things down they tend to stick better!

Healthy Daily Habits

10 Healthy Morning Habits

Upon Waking

Habit: Oil Pulling (trying to establish) | Reason: Better oral health, better overall health | Science: US National Library of Medicine | Anecdote: Sometimes I’m really consistent with this. I’ll wake up first thing, walk to my kitchen and put a small spoon of coconut oil into my mouth and swish for 20 mins and then other days I just forget. I’m making a promise to myself now that it will be the first thing I do after getting out of bed.

Habit: Dry Brushing (yet to establish) | Reason: Exfoliation, stimulate lymphathic system, reduce cellulite and unclog pores | Science: | Anecdote: I have a shower every morning. On the days that I get ready at home, I need to make it a priority to jump in the shower and dry brush before I turn on the water. I need to find a portable dry brush I can bring with me on days I go to the gym first and get ready there.

Habit: Warm Lemon Water & Glutamine followed by Fibre Smart & Glutamine | Reason: *Blush* lemon water flushes me out in the morning & the fibre smart help me set my body up to have healthy b movements all day. The glutamine helps my sore muscles recover and aids in gut health healing | Science: | Anecdote: I’ve been drinking lemon water since 2009 and just love this habit. Fibre Smart is about 2 months old. This habit ensures I get 2 cups of water in first thing in the morning.

Habit: Tongue Scraping (trying to establish) | Reason: removes bacteria, food debris, fungi, toxins, and dead cells from the surface of the tongue | Science: | Anecdote: My dentist gave me one a while ago. To be honest I only tend to do this a few times a month. If I can add oil pulling into my daily routine there is no reason why I cant tongue scrape first thing in the morning as well.

Habit: Pack Food Bag | Reason: bring all the meals I’ve prepped on Sunday night with me to the office each day. No science behind this one this is just smart Alpha Female style planning.

Habit: Listen to Podcast or AudioBook | Reason: While driving to the gym or office I can spend that 30 – 45 mins educating myself. No science behind this one either I just love learning something new every day.

Habit: Power Hour or Two (Workout or Write) | Reason: I’m a morning person. Every day I get up at 5am (weekdays) or 7am (weekends). I focus best first thing in the morning. I love to start my day with a workout to energize myself. If I’m resting I’ll still get up at the same time and write my blogs or work on my novel that I’m writing.


Habit: Morning Intention Setting Periscope | Reason: I love connecting with people on social media and Periscope allows me to show my personality in a live broadcast. I can talk about a subject that interests me, may help others and quickly connect with others through the comments section. The lives last 5 – 10 mins and I do them in my car before walking into the office for the day.



Habit: Check Daily To-Do Lists | Reason: I have a paper to-do list at work for my job tasks and I have a digital to-do list on Wunderlist for my personal & fitness personality tasks. I like to review what my priorities for the day are, review when I have meetings and decide when and how I’m going to attack each priority.


Habit: Take Morning Supplements & Mix Ener-C into Glass of Water | Reason: I usually have my first solid meal of the day (other than breakfast) at this time. I take my morning supplements & mix a packet of Ener-C into a glass of water.

Stay tuned for my afternoon & evening habits next Wednesday!

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