Healthy Afternoon and Evening Habits

Last week I shared my healthy daily morning habits. I was going to share all my daily habits in one post but it just became too long for even my attention span. So I’ve broken out my healthy afternoon and evening habits below.

Afternoon Health Habits

Habit: Drink Matcha Tea or Chaga Mushroom Tea | Reason: both have a small dose of caffeine so if I’m feeling a bit sluggish this helps energize me. However, the real reason why I drink both of these is to give my body a great dose of antioxidants. | Science: MatchaChaga

Matcha Green Tea

Habit: Go for a quick walk | Reason: Brain break and fresh air

Evening Health Habits

Habit: Edit and schedule a blog post for Mon, Weds or Friday | Reason: Most days I get all my blog posts written for the week on the weekend or in the morning before I head to the office. I will tend to review posts I’ve written in the morning, edit them and then schedule them in WordPress to post on Monday, Weds and Friday at 8 am.

Habit: Epsom Salt Bath with Lavender Essential Oil | Reason: trigger my body into knowing it’s going to bed soon, relax my muscles from workouts and decrease stress and tension in my body. | Science:

Epsom Salt Bath

Habit: Check all Social Media Platforms and respond to comments | Reason: I’m getting better at not checking my notifications constantly throughout the day as my scheduled posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram go up. I try and do it all at once while I’m in the bath at night. One of these days I’m going to drop my phone in the bath though.

Habit: Take Nighttime Supplements | Reason: I take quite a lot of supplements a day. I’ve broken them up into an 11 am feeding and a 9 pm feeding so I don’t get overwhelmed. I use an app to alert myself at these times and remind me to take each supplement.

Habit: Brush Teeth & Floss | Reason: I have no problem brushing my teeth every night but to be completely honest that flossing thing… I’m just not good at it. I hereby promise myself that if I can oil pull every morning I can floss every night.

Habit: Read Daily Devotional, write in my Gratitude Journal & Pray (trying to establish) | Reason: For the past 2 years I’ve set my alarm at 4:45 am so that I can wake up 15 mins earlier than normal, read a daily devotional. After 2 years of never once accomplishing this, I’ve decided to switch the time of day that I do this. I’ve put my daily devotional beside my bed and after one week I’ve accomplished doing this every day. After I finish my devotional I pray and then turn off the light to sleep. Once in a while, I’ll update my gratitude journal and write one thing a day that I’m grateful for at this time. I don’t write in the journal every day (sometimes I write about an entire month at once) but I do find it works at night while I’m in bed too.

Daily Devotional

Habit: Meditate to Sleep | Reason: On days when I’m not feeling super sleepy I turn on the Headspace app and before the 10 mins meditation is over I’m passed out.

Meditate To Sleep

I do quite a lot every day but I love my life, I love my routine and I love how I feel. What daily habits do you have that you adore? I want to hear from you! Leave a comment!

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