Happy Long Weekend

I had a perfect weekend at home in Ottawa and visiting my grandmother in Kingston. I hadn’t been home since the Victoria Day long weekend so I was due for a proper 3 day weekend with the family.

I took the train home after work on Friday. I was smart enough to book the express train that only stopped in Fallowfield which is the stop in Barrhaven before it hits the Ottawa station. My parents were waiting for me and my Dad texted me that they were west of the station. I of course had a great blonde moment. I climbed off the train in the pouring rain and ran east. Once I figured out I was being dense I changed direction and raced back towards them. My dad was so cute and said that a lady climbed off the train and ran right under his umbrella and he just stood there holding his umbrella for her worried about where I was. I love my parents and their cuteness.

Saturday morning I was supposed to do a backyard workout with a friend from high school but after a long rainstorm all night we rain checked to another time. Despite having great weather on Saturday I headed off to the closest GoodLIfe to train chest, abs and some HIIT cardio.

20130901-174329.jpgThen the whole family loaded into the car to drive to Kingston.

View from my Grandmother’s Balcony

My grandmother turned 94 on September 1st! So we took her out for a nice lunch at Chez Piggy.

20130901-174339.jpgWe ordered oysters for my grandmother, my mom had a lamb burger, my dad had steak frites and my brother had their club while I had the salad special. It was arugula, peaches, prosciutto and I added a grilled chicken breast to it. I think there was supposed to be buffalo mozzarella on my salad but they forgot which was a ok with me and my non dairy loving stomach.

Oysters All Gone!


When we got back to Ottawa I had to run some errands and I happened upon a neat store called Terra 20. The tag line on the outside of the store says “explore a better way”. I had just discovered Joyous Health’s youtube videos and blog on healthier beauty products so it was a perfect find! I bought myself some new beauty products. I’m going to do more research and do a complete overhaul. I figured that if I’m taking care of my body; working out, eating well… I should also care about what is absorbed into my skin. I will definitely do a series of posts on what I bought and some research to back up the switch.


Sunday I was so fortunate that my brother wanted to run with me. We headed off early to the parkway before they close one side of Sunday biking and did a quick and easy 5k. It was so nice to run with him. We haven’t done that in a while and it made me so so happy. 



Then I did my favourite thing to do in Ottawa and headed up to Le Nordik in Chelsea for a deep tissue massage. Which was necessary after a week of workouts and indulged in the baths, saunas, steam rooms and just curled up on a lounge chair and read and napped.

20130901-174442.jpgAll in all a perfect weekend. Ready to take on September!


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