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If you’ve been reading along on the blog for a bit than you know I’ve been working on my own personal happiness project. In 2013, I started a gratitude journal so that I could take the time daily to focus on things in my life that I’m grateful for. Even if they may be a negative occurrence in my day I’m always looking for the positive or the learning opportunity. I’ve also discovered two smart phone apps that make me a happier person.

The first one is Spirit Junkie. Here is the website to read more and a link to download the app. Spirit Junkie is an app that shares a daily affirmation with you. Created by Gabrielle Bernstein. You can set the app to share the affirmation with you like an alarm clock.

Spirit Junkie AppI currently visit the app during the day whenever I feel the need for an affirmation but I think I will set it so that it appears 5 mins after my first alarm clock of the day so I can lie in bed and start the day properly. You can share the affirmations to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the star means favourites. Which if you look on the bottom menu it’s the second icon in from the left. You can go to your favourites tab at any time and see the ones you like the most in one place.

Spirit Junkie App

Here are my favourites.



You can watch the founder, Gabrielle Bernstein’s TEDx talk below. I watched this and was inspired to learn more about her books. I will post a book review weekly on “May Cause Miracles” as I read through the 40 day guide.


The second app is Happier. Here is the website to read more and a link to download the app. Happier is an app that prompts you to collect & share happy moments from your life.


What is the point of difference than just sharing happy moments on Facebook or Twitter? Well the app provides you with your very only smartphone happy journal and a community that is looking for the positive in everyday. The platform allows you to share on both FB & Twitter so it’s nicely integrated. Here is an image of my first 5 happy moments that I shared on Twitter.


You can go back and look at moments that make you happy and you can share the contagious movement that is happiness. You can set reminders to share happy moments in the morning, afternoon or evening. Happier-app Photo Source – Mashable

You can watch the founder, Nataly Kogan’s TEDx talk below. I love that she believes that I’ll be happy now because of this vs. I’ll be happier then if I can get this. It’s the mentality of living in the moment and searching for the positives or happy in the everyday.

My favourite part of her talk is how she ends with this quote. Here’s to happy moments. Life is made of moments

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