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Good Morning, Good Life Book Synopsis

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“Not a morning person? Not a problem! I want you to wake up on your terms and no one else’s.”

Morning routines. We hear about them all the time. We see them on social media feeds and in online videos. We read about them in memoirs and self-improvement books. So, what’s the big deal? What’s so important about what we do every morning?

In Good Morning, Good Life, Amy Schmittauer Landino— the world’s #1 productive lifestyle coach—reveals the truth about mornings and how to create daily rituals that are truly right for you.

Discover how to:

  • decide on a ‘why’ that will make you want to jump out of bed everyday,
  • defy the morning missteps that keep you from starting the day on the right foot,
  • rise for a new day well-rested and prepared for what the day has in store for you,
  • shine each morning doing what makes you feel like your best version of you (rather than what the rest of the world says to do),
  • and thrive throughout your journey with some bonus productive lifestyle tips for the rest of your day!
  • Landino is best known for her work as the award-winning host of AmyTV on YouTube, and as the host of the self-improvement podcast Detail Therapy. Her practical and uplifting coaching approach carries over in Good Morning, Good Life with a lot of customizable tips (and even more personality!)

This is a can’t-miss read for anyone who is ready to go after the life they want!

What I Thought

Ok I’m a huge fan of this book! It’s been a long time since I connected with Amy but ever since having her on my former podcast in May of 2016 I’ve watched what Amy has done in the world. And I’m impressed.

So I picked up this book to do a little research. I’m publishing a planner this year and Amy’s built a lovely little business with her Good Morning, Good Life suite of products and of course I wanted to see how I could offer slightly different value into the world. BUT in the process I got to revamp my entire morning routine.

I read the book in 2 plane rides with my notebook and pen in hand. What I love about each chapter are the questions that make you think before you even start to list out all the things you want to do in your morning routine.

I absolutely loved that she challenged her readers to figure out their why behind wanting to have an impact in the world, figuring out what obstacles to having a great morning routine stand in our way and then just choosing to go for it. I also loved all the snippets from her morning routine and others that have given me ideas on optimizing mine.

With 8 pages full of notes in my notebook, I can’t wait to optimize my morning routine for a good life 🙂

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