Summer Bucket List: Glamping

When we started planning the 2019 Summer Bucket List I asked my husband, Mike, if there was anything new he’d like to tackle this summer and he suggested Glamping.

So I broke out my trusty Google and looking up Glamping near Ottawa. I found some pretty pricey high-end resorts with multiple tents on location but we love privacy and space for our pups to roam without having to worry about them. So that’s when I turned to Google and I’m pretty good at finding exactly what I’m looking for on Airbnb. The place we found really didn’t have the best pictures on the listing but I trusted my gut and it was far better than we expected.

Over the weekend, as I was sharing pictures of this place on IG, the questions started coming in asking where this place is. I joked about not wanting to share this place so it doesn’t become too popular. So I promise to share the link ONLY if you don’t go and book this place up solid and we can never find a weekend to go back… Deal? Deal.

The glamping location is near Perth, Ontario in Lanark country about an hour drive outside of Ottawa. This glamping spot comes complete with an outdoor kitchen, outdoor shower, and an outhouse. You have the privacy of an island to yourself. While the river surrounding it is pretty shallow, our dogs could explore to their heart’s content and we managed to keep them contained to the island quite easily.


We were there in the middle of a heatwave. It was around 40 C / 104 F so pretty humid for us. We stayed cool by napping in the shade, the outdoor shower or the swimming hole right beside the island.

Meals for the weekend consisted of leftovers and tried and true camping recipes.

Friday Night Dinner: Leftover Chicken Burgers, Brown Rice Pasta & a “Cream” Sauce made of Nutritional Yeast & Coconut Milk

Saturday & Sunday Breakfasts: Pancakes

Saturday Lunch: Leftover Spaghetti Squash & Liver Faux-mato Bolognese Sauce and Saturday Dinner: Buddha Bowls

We had wifi the whole weekend so I was able to work on my Autoimmune Thriving Program launching this August. Mike listened to audiobooks and I curled up to read Jen Cincero’s new book “You Are a Badass Everyday” which isn’t really a read the book in one sit down as it’s more of a daily devotional or daily spiritual gym set up instead so I’ll be adding this to the pile of reading material by my morning meditation cushion.

The sunrises and sunsets were simply divine.

And finally, our adventures wouldn’t be complete without a tidbit of information on how we used essential oils to stay comfy. Here are some staples for camping (glamping) trips. I brought TerraShield for the bugs, OnGuard Sanitizing mist to use after trips to the outhouse and Lavender for bug bites.

If you end up booking this place let us know how much you fell in love with it! Happy Glamping!

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