Gender Reveal

The saga that was our gender reveal is finally here!

On March 18th we had our 19 week ultrasound where we were “supposed” to find out the babies sexes. Unfortunately the ultrasound tech, couldn’t see Baby A’s sex and also needed additional heart measurements so they asked me to come back in a week later on March 25th for another ultrasound.

During the March 18th ultrasound, there was a moment when I heard the ultrasound tech mumble “The baby girl will need monitoring so you’ll need to come in more than once a month”. This was incredibly upsetting as I had told her that we wanted to do a surprise gender reveal.

Each ultrasound we had gotten our hopes up really high that we’d be finding out the sexes. I had even texted our real estate agent (one of the only people I know so far in Port Alberni) and had asked her to help us with the reveal and each time I had to text her that it was a no go.

After the March 25th ultrasound and still no luck. Baby A was still hiding their junk. And because of COVID we couldn’t get in any earlier than our next scan so we had to wait until April 20th for “hopefully” the good news. With success, this week the ultrasound tech was able to see both babies’ genitals!!! Whoohooo! I immediately sent an email to my midwife as the report goes to her so she would be the one who could help us with the gender reveal.

We didn’t hear from her until late Monday night so on Tuesday, Mike set up 4 dollar store water guns (that he had painted blue & pink) and brought them over to our midwife on his lunch break. He handed her 2 bags (1 with 2 pink guns and 1 with 2 blue guns) and asked her to put the correct 2 guns into one bag for us.

When he got home from work, he took his sweet time showering and getting ready for our big camera reveal! I was a bundle of excitement. We got onto the video platform zoom with our families so they could find out the news live with us before sharing the good news to social media.

Here’s the video of the reveal:

Did you catch what Mike said near the end? LOL

This was such a fun way to announce the babies’ sexes. I already knew about the girl but I was spraying Mike with blue so that gave me the shock of finding out first we were also having a boy!

This was a fun reveal cause you knew one sex right away and then you had to look down at your shirt to find out the other one! We finished off the fun by switching water guns and spraying each other so we would both have blue & pink shirts 🙂

Now I don’t have to refer to Baby A and Baby B as letters but as their names. Let’s just hope I don’t make that mistake when talking about them on social media!

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