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Hi! I see you saw the headline Free Stuff and clicked through! I’ve put together some value for you as I’ve solved paint points in my life that I hope you find useful.

In exchange for the value, I’ll ask you for your email address so I can add you to my “email list”. Now I hold my subscribers really near and dear to my heart because you’re giving me space in your inbox and I value you that. Every Tuesday I’ll land in your inbox and let you know about the new blog post for the week, the latest podcast episode, the monthly promotions that dōTERRA offers new customers and anything else that might be going on in my world.

Essential Oils

Heal Your Health

I thrive living with multiple sclerosis. I believe my diagnosis was a gift to myself to teach me how to better take care of myself and in the process talk about proactive health with others.

So if you’ve found my blog because you’re newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis or another autoimmune disease, I’ve put together 5 things I tackled right after my diagnosis in the hopes of helping you navigate your new health journey.

And a general guide for thriving with an autoimmune disease so you can tackle optimizing all areas of your life.

5 Things To Tackle After a MS Diagnosis
Autoimmune Healing Guide

Health & Fitness Resources

Need an easy breakfast or snack while working full time? Download my 10 Smoothie Recipes! Need an easy workout to do while traveling or at the gym? Click on the image below to get an easy 5 exercise bodyweight workout.

10 Smoothie Recipes
5 Do Anywhere Exercises

Heal Your Heart

If you’re new to my page then you might not have heard my story on how I left a toxic relationship and called off my wedding in 2012. Here is a blog post on how I healed after canceling my wedding. Below is the wedding cancellation checklist I used to get through that storm in my life.

Wedding Cancellation Checklist

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  1. The Earn your Happy Podcast has really helped me out the past few months while I navigate a new marriage, a family tragedy/emergency- that I’m 100 percent in charge of and shlepping to a job I no longer want to do. I listened to your interview earlier today while swimming laps at 11 pm – because it’s the only time I have and really wanted to hear more . Thank you for sharing your very personal story. Also , I love that you embrace being an alpha female. I am one too.

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