Free Spirit Caving Tour

I purchased a Team Buy deal for a 3-hour caving adventure in Collingwood and thought it would be a good idea to go adventuring the day after Warrior Dash. The tour company Free Spirit Tours was easy to book and very welcoming and professional. Our tour leader Cam was very patient, great at instruction, and very happy which I loved.

Get ready for a picture-heavy post. I arrived at Metcalfe Rock about 15 minutes late so was rushing to sign the waiver & get the gear on which included a harness and helmet. We headed off to the first cave and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I wore winter run clothes as we were told it was going to be cold in the caves. Before entering the first cave we left our daypacks, water bottles, and sunglasses outside. I looked up and got a beautiful view!


I wasn’t prepared for how tight a fit it was going to be in the caves. Thankfully I wasn’t claustrophobic and even tried to go as far down as I could in the first cave. I think I got the furthest but I was also the most adventurous and wanted to be challenged. Can you tell I’m an adrenaline junkie now?


We climbed out of the first cave and headed over to a fern gully to enter our second location.


The tree above was so cool to see how it could root down and find earth. 

We headed off to our last cave and I headed back to the car. I didn’t bring gloves (definitely needs to be added to the to-bring list) and our tour was heading into an ice cave. I was already wearing a long sleeve run shirt that I wear in the winter but it was definitely cold in the last cave. I got to see the start of it and it was super cool. I definitely want to go back for a more advanced tour. The peeps on my tour were hilarious, very nice, and took more photos than I ever do even in one day but were not as comfortable in the caves so we were slow going. I definitely wanted more adventure. I can’t wait to go back.

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