My FMI Canada Recap

I was super excited about spending the weekend out in Mississauga attending the FMI Canada Workshop! I’ve been ridiculously sick all week. Went home from work last Friday with the start of a sore throat that became full blown laryngitis all last weekend and then just couldn’t shake it all week. I was scared about my scheduled photo shoots as I wasn’t able to spend one day this past week in the gym. Thank goodness sometimes all your body needs is some rest.

I started out on Wednesday having an amazing skype call with Mike Byerly. We planned out a 3 hour shoot for Saturday morning. 3 looks that would match 3 articles I’m going to write. The ideas were already within my head but collaborating with Mike pulled more concise specifics out. I truly appreciate that about him Slightly excited to start writing the articles as I think we captured amazing shots! Can’t wait to see the raw images!

I had contacted Mike for a longer shoot than what FMI normally has (it’s usually 20 mins) as I had the pleasure of shooting with him 2 years ago and we got some amazing fashion shots. Here’s one of the shots below.

I really wanted extra time with him this year and it was a perfect opportunity so I grabbed it. No sickness was getting in my way. I even called my friend Krysten up to do some joint shots together! It was her first photoshoot and she rocked it! I can’t wait to share with you what we’re working on! Thank you Mike for an awesome experience. You are on my top photographers I’ve worked with list for sure!

And then on Sunday I knocked out a quick bodyweight workout with Liana Louzon that I’ll be writing a matching article for. Yay for productivity in a short 20 mins shoot. I love this girl. She’s blunt like me and tells it like it is. She gives great direction because she knows exactly what she needs to get in a shot. I heart her tons! Michelle joined us on set for a silly shot for Instagram post shoot!


All in all 2 great shoots under my belt, I got to meet some amazing peeps and the one intellectual thing I took away is that I really need to research copyright and trademark laws as it pertains to a personal brand in Canada! Tons of food for thought!



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