dōTERRA’s Refer A Friend Promotion


dōTERRA’s Refer A Friend Promotion

dōTERRA Refer A Friend Promotion

Here is the official link to dōTERRA’s website to learn more about the program. What you’ll discover below are tips and tricks on sharing to make the most of the program.

What are dōTERRA dollars?

They are cash or in-store credit that you can use on doterra.com. You can redeem them for products, shipping, taxes, healing hands donations, and annual renewal fees! If you live in Canada these dollars won’t expire (unlike in the US).

What do your referees get?

Their wholesale membership fee is waived (value of $35 USD and $42 CAD) and they get 25% off retail prices. PS. They will need to add a product to their cart to see that the membership fee is waived.


Where to share your link

Once you find your personal link you can share it in different ways:

  1. Text It To A Friend/Family Member
  2. Email It To A Friend/Family Member
  3. Share The Link On Social Media ( ex. Add It To Your IG Bio or In an IG Story)
  4. Create A Page On Your Website

And if you struggle to find it you can easily make your link with your member ID.


How to help people navigate to the right products

When you share your link with someone and you’re recommending a specific product you’ll need to help them navigate to that product.

Example: You really want to share the Deep Blue stick with a friend. I would text them your link and then let them know they’ll need to hover over Shop > Essential Oils > click on Deep Blue Products and then scroll down to find the Deep Blue Stick.

Helping your referees find the products for them will be key.

How to share US Products with Canadians

If you live in Canada and you share your referral link with a friend or family and they are interested in purchasing products only available in the US (ex. MetaPWR System) they’ll need to toggle from the Canadian website to the US. Here are two ways they can easily navigate to the US website.

Want to maximize the dōTERRA dollars you earn?

When new members enroll with an order with at least 150 PV they will get a Pebble Diffuser. Here’s a list of the enrollment kits that are 150 PV+ with no diffuser.

  • MetaPWR System (150 PV)
  • AromaTouch Training Kit (250 PV)
  • Healthy Habits Kit (125 PV) – and add 1 product worth at least 25PV like Adaptiv Capsules or the MetaPWR Blend to add it up to 150 PV
Pebble Diffuser

Let me know if you have any questions!