Welcome To Our MetaHEALING Program

Join us for a community Metabolic Healing Makeover using the MetaPWR system by dōTERRA. This is FREE for our team’s dōTERRA customers.

The next program will run Monday, January 30th – Sunday, February 26th.

What Is Metabolic Health?

Our metabolic health is determined by our metabolism. Metabolism is the body’s way of using fuel (ie. food) to create the building blocks we need to create energy. And this energy is what’s necessary to run cellular processes in the body. By improving our metabolic health I believe we can also improve the aging process. As someone who lives with an autoimmune disease, I also worry about living a vital life and never having to worry about my autoimmune disease progressing as I age.

So when we focus on improving our metabolic health we move from just increasing our lifespan (how long we live) to increasing our healthspan (how long we live a life full of vitality). I want to be active and leave this earth peacefully in my sleep after a fulfilling day. My lifespan will not be increased only by modern medicine. I want to live a life full of vitality and not stuck in a hospital or long-term care home.

Learn More About The Program

My mentor taught an online class about metabolic health, and the new dōTERRA MetaPWR products that have just launched. You’ll learn more about our team’s Meta30 program which is similar to our MetaHEALING program but won’t incorporate two phases or intermittent fasting.

You’ll hear about my experience with the MetaPWR system near the end!

You Are Probably Here If…

You have an interest in:

  • glowing skin
  • better energy
  • better sleep
  • improved cognitive function
  • releasing weight
  • improved digestion
  • supporting your immune system
  • reducing anxiety
  • taking care of your autoimmune disease naturally

The path to healing your body is not as complicated as it seems, and I want to help empower you to
trust your body again.

Through the purchase of the MetaPWR Kit through myself or someone on our team, you’ll receive instant + lifetime access to this program. You can plug into the content at any time and then plan to join us for the guided program every year.

We have created a program to help you integrate doTERRA’s MetaPWR System in your healing journey.

MetaHEALING Program

What To Expect?

  • Help create the lifestyle that allows your body to heal
  • Truly figure out which powerful habits you need
  • Release weight + habits that no longer serve you
  • Feel empowered in your healing journey

How Does It Work?

  1. You’ll purchase a kit. Send me a screenshot of your order (robynpineault @ gmail dot com).
  2. We’ll jump on a group zoom call before the program starts. I’ll send you the details before the call.
  3. I’ll provide you with an eBook to work through over 30 days.
  4. You’ll get daily text messages through the Shout app.
  5. AND you’ll get daily access to me, Robyn Pineault, so you can ask any questions that you have throughout the program.


How To Order

  1. If you’re already a customer you can add the MetaPWR system kit to your loyalty rewards program order or set up a one-time order.
  2. If you’re NOT already a customer click the button below (based on where you live) to be taken straight to a shopping cart with the kit already added (this will include a wholesale membership so you can purchase any dōTERRA products you’d like at 25% off.

Optional Items To Add To Your Order