Essential Oils for the Fourth Trimester

Disclaimer: I personally use essential oils to support my body during pregnancy and after birth. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or Health Canada. I’m sharing my personal experience with the oils. As always, please consult with your health care team when incorporating new products into your health care routine.

I get asked all the time which essential oils I used during pregnancy and which essential oils I’m using now that the twins are born. I did a round-up of oils that I used throughout the trimesters. You can read about the oils I used during my first trimester here, second trimester here, and third trimester here. And now to round out these posts here are the essential oils I used during the fourth trimester (or the first three months with the twins’ earthside!)

Essential Oils for Fourth Trimester

While each trimester was hard in it’s own right, NOTHING prepared me for how hard the fourth trimester would be.

Healing The Perineum: I put together a spray bottle with Frankincense, Geranium, Lavender, and Sandalwood. I used an empty 15ml and purchased spray tops for 15 ml bottles from Amazon. I packed this in my hospital bag in anticipation of a vaginal birth. Because of the episiotomy, (you can read my birth story here) I ended using the whole bottle while we were in the hospital for 2 weeks. I even made a second bottle when I got home. It helped immensely with healing and when I went to see my OB at 4 weeks post-birth she had great things to say about how I was healing!

Perineum Spray

DIY Padsicles: I made a batch of Padsicles to help heal my vagina should I be successful in giving birth vaginally and boy did I need them. I didn’t end up using all of them as I was in the hospital for 2 weeks and they gave me padsicles there. By the time we got home, Mike’s parents were at our house and I just didn’t think to go to the freezer and then back into the bathroom to put them on. I ended up gifting most of these to a new momma to be in town.

DIY Padsicles with dōTERRA Essential Oils

Stress: There is just no way around it. Having twins and taking care of them is stressful. There are some days when I really forget to take deep breaths. I have an Adaptive roller bottle in my bathroom. Everytime I go pee, I roll this onto my wrists and take a big inhale.


Milk Production: I made a roller during my third trimester to support milk production. I keep this by my bedside and roll it on before bed. It includes Clary Sage, Basil, Fennel, and Geranium essential oils.

Milk Production

Sleep: I have a diffuser beside the bed where I’m diffusing OnGuard and Easy Air to support my immune system. Other nights I will diffuse Serenity or Adaptiv so I can calm my mind and get as much sleep as possible in between feeds.

If you used oils in your fourth trimester what did you find helped?

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