Essential Oils for the First Trimester

Disclaimer: I personally use essential oils to help support my body during pregnancy. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or Health Canada. I’m sharing my personal experience with the oils. As always, please consult with your health care team when incorporating new products into your health care routine.

I’m getting asked all the time which essential oils I’m using in my pregnancy so I thought I’d do a round-up of oils that I’m using throughout the trimesters. First up! First Trimester!

Essential Oils for First Trimester

I had a few pesky pregnancy “issues” during my first trimester so I’ll share what worked for me including essential oils and other health habits.

dōTERRA also put together this great blog on How to Use Essential Oils in Pregnancy that I used to educate myself from the start.

Nausea: I used DigestZen (ZenGest – Canadian name) or Ginger essential oil rubbed on my belly during bouts of nausea. The ginger drops were also amazing to have on hand.

I would also sip room temperature water with fresh cut up ginger dropped into the glass. I would eat ginger candy chews and ginger cookies. My husband and I also discovered that if I ate smaller meals throughout the day and immediately went for a walk after eating this would help immensely.

Essential Oils for First Trimester Nausea

Head Tension: I used a combination of Peppermint, Frankincense and Copaiba to battle head tension. Usually rolling my Peppermint Touch (roller bottle already pre-diluted with coconut oil was enough to help ease the pain.

And on the few occasions where that didn’t work, I’d ensure I was drinking enough water for the day and I’d go for a good old fashion nap!

Essential Oils for Head Tension

Insomnia: I didn’t realize this was a thing until there were so many nights when I’d get up to use the washroom and just couldn’t for the life of me fall back asleep. I would pop Lavender, Serenity, or Cedarwood in the diffuser, and turn on a meditation.

If all else failed, I’d watch something on Netflix (Love is Blind!) or play a word game on my phone until my eyes started getting drowsy again. While I wouldn’t recommend getting on your phone (due to the blue light exposure) there were just some nights when nothing else was working.

Essential Oils for First Trimester Insomnia

Skin Health: While I haven’t broken out a ton more than usual with pregnancy, I have noticed some darker spots pop up on my cheeks. So I’ve been using the Vérage skincare system diligently and popping Geranium in my daily moisturizer while also using Neroli (morning routine) and Rose (evening routine) rollers daily on my cheeks under my eyes.

Essential Oil Skin Health During First Trimester

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I found the first trimester to definitely be hard. It’s one where you can’t always talk about what you’re going through publicly (as most people wait until the second trimester to make any sort of announcement) and if you do share with your friends they may have had a few tricks that worked for them. But the more we share resources with other mama’s to be the more we learn and can support ourselves.

Essential Oils for the First Trimester

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