Essential Oils and Human Design Energy Types

I’ve become fascinated with Human Design over the past year. So fascinated that I asked Human Design guides to come on the Alpha Female Podcast to chat about different aspects of Human Design. And then as an essential oil educator, I couldn’t help but want to draw the connection between essential oils and how they can support the different Human Design energy types.

There 5 different Human Design energy types: Generators, Manifesting Generators, Manifestors, Projectors, and Reflectors. To understand how essential oils can support each energy type, I’ll do a quick overview of each energy type before sharing three essential oils for each energy type and how and when to use the oils.


Essential Oils for Human Design Type – Generators

Generators are around 70% of the population which also includes Manifesting Generators. They are known as the driving life force on the planet.

I’m a Generator so I know this energy very well. Generators can have endless energy when they are doing something that they love and lights them up. It can create a workaholic type vibe though so they have to get really good at creating work/life harmony for themselves and knowing when to turn on and turn off.

Lavender is the perfectly oil to use to wind down from the day. You can use it in your bedroom diffuser before going to sleep or in an Epsom Salt bath to signal to the body that it’s time to relax and get ready for bed.

The next oil is Clove which is the Oil of Boundaries. Generators strategy in life is to respond so when someone invites us to participate in something we have the choice to say yes or no. And sometimes because of how we were raised or our life circumstances we may have said yes to things that don’t light us up. Clove assists in helping individuals to stand up for themselves. I would recommend using this in diffuser blends in your office environment. Here are a few blends to try:

Sunshine: 3 drops Clove, Cheer and Peppermint each

Freshly Fallen Snow: 3 drops Clove and 2 drops of Cardamom and Copaiba each

Last but not least, the Align blend from dōTERRA’s yoga collection is perfect as the Centering Blend. This blend allows individuals to focus on self-acceptance during quiet moments so they can move forward from a more conscious and clear space. This allows generators to get really clear on what lights them up in the world, what brings them joy so they can focus on this in their daily lives.

Essential Oils and Human Design - Lavender
Essential Oils and Human Design - Clove
Essential Oils and Human Design - Align

Essential Oils for Human Design Type – Manifesting Generators

I believe Manifesting Generators are around 32% of the population but would have been included in the 70% above. This energy type is meant to respond to life by initiating energy.

Manifesting Generators are meant to work creatively with their energy on projects that light them up so I included Tangerine and Citrus Bliss as they are the Oils of Spontaneity and Creativity, respectively. When looking for the inspiration for the next project, popping these in the diffuser could be exactly what they might need.

I wanted to balance out these oils with Lemon Eucalyptus, the Oil of Protected Space. When you are in the flow you need to feel self-contained and protected from external energies.

I would use this diffuser blend in a home office space before starting work on a new project:

Crystal Clear: 3 drops of Lemon Eucalyptus and 2 drops of Breathe (Easy Air in Canada) and Lime each

Essential Oils and Human Design - Tangerine
Essential Oils and Human Design - Lemon Eucalyptus
Essential Oils and Human Design - Citrus Bliss

Essential Oils for Human Design Type – Projectors

Projectors are around 20% of the population. When they are invited in to be a guide they are at their best selves. They do not have the energy that generators posses.

Because Projectors are so focused on guiding others I thought it best that they get grounded in themselves first with Bergamot, the Oil of Self-Acceptance. This oil can help us move towards feelings of self-acceptance, optimism, confident, hopeful , lovable and good enough. I would use this oil in meditation and use as a purefume before meeting with others who have invited you in.

A Projector’s energy can become very focused so I thought Lemon, the Oil of Focus would be an amazing companion for a Projector. Popping this in the diffuser before starting a work day or putting a drop in your hands and taking a big inhale before sitting down for meditation.

Because Projector’s are not designed to keep up with Generator type energy they need a little boost at times. When they have accepted the right invitation they can access vast energy resources. I would only use Peppermint to boost your energy when you are aligned with a choice. Pop this in the diffuser or rub on your pulse points before a meeting.

Essential Oils and Human Design - Bergamot
Essential Oils and Human Design - Lemon
Essential Oils and Human Design - Peppermint

Essential Oils for Human Design Type – Manifestors

Manifestors are 9% of the population. I should know more about this energy type as I’m married to a Manifestor but I feel like I’m just starting to understand this energy type. They are here to inform and they are constantly looking for peace in their world. They are constantly manifesting new ideas but lack the focus sometimes to execute on them.

I picked Motivate as an oil for diffusing when brainstorming or working on specific ideas so that they can follow their string of inspiration towards aligned action.

Because their strategy is to inform, I’ve also choosen Spearmint the Oil of Confident Speech for them. This oil will be particularly important for a Manifestor who hasn’t learned to trust their voice or doesn’t feel comfortable informing others. By literally applying this to the throat before a conversation could be game changing.

And last but not least, this energy type needs long periods of rest and what better way to mark the need for rest than by grabbing Peace and popping it in the diffuser in whatever room you are resting in.

Essential Oils and Human Design - Motivate
Essential Oils and Human Design - Spearmint
Essential Oils and Human Design - Peace

Essential Oils for Human Design Type – Reflectors

Reflectors are extremely rare and only 1% of the population. I would really like to meet on! I like how they are explained as wise observers to life. They must wait full moon circles before making decisions to ensure they are their own and not absorbed by the ones around them. They are extremely adapt in understanding how communities work.

I chose Siberian Fir for it’s properties around having perspective. Siberian Fir can support an individual looking to find meaning and purpose with each new chapter of life. I heard a Human Design guide describe this energy type as one that incredibly helpful to guide leaders because they can observe what’s going on around them and provide that perspective to others.

Next, I chose Cypress, the Oil of Motion & Flow, because I feel like that’s exactly what the energy type must do in this life. Be perfectly adaptable and or spontaneous. Cypress supports individuals in casting aside worries and enjoying the thrill that can come with being alive.

Last but not least, I included the Thinker roller bottle from the Kid’s Collection. I included this oil blend because it’s also described as an oil that helps individuals focus in a world of distractions and competiting priorities which could pull a Reflector in so many directions.

As always these can be used in a diffuser, in the pam of your hand for inhaling or in the case of the roller bottle, rolled across the pulse points or on the neck.

Essential Oils and Human Design - Siberian Fir
Essential Oils and Human Design - Cypress
Essential Oils and Human Design - Thinker

This is the invitation for a generator or a manifesting generator to dive in and acquire some of these beautiful oils for yourself you can get started with a shopping account here. If you want to learn more about the company first (this is for my manifestors, projectors and reflectors) you can learn more about dōTERRA and essentials oils first here.

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