Setting Up Essential Oil Stations Around Your House

When I think about setting up oil stations around our house I think of success quotes.

“Set yourself up for success from the very beginning and then focus on maintaining that success.”

“Motivation gets you going and habit gets you there”

When most people get started using essential oils, they buy the starter kit, get the pretty storage box and fill the box with oils.

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The box then begins to collect dust. The oils go unused and you get frustrated about investing in a product that you never use. So let’s get those beautiful bottles of plant magic out in the open for ease of use. Let’s get you set up for success by having them out in the open so you can see them and be visually reminded to use them. This will get you using them more often and allow you to set up the habit of reaching for them daily. Let’s keep the excitement going from the moment you open your order to every day that you reach for a bottle.

Essential Oil Stations

So let’s walk through 4 key essential oil stations you’ll want to set up in your house. I have oil stations in the kitchen, bedroom(s), home office (or at work), and bathroom.


I have 2 stations set up in my kitchen.

Number 1: Oils for cooking or drinks. This is where I keep all the herb oils that I might add to soups or stews, like basil, thyme, oregano, etc. I keep citrus oils here that I like to add to water like Lime, Green Mandarin, Tangerine, and Grapefruit. I also have Cinnamon Bark and Vanilla Absolute here as we add these to warm drinks like coffee or the vanilla cloud drink I have in the evenings.

Number 2: Diffuser station. This is where I keep all the oils I like to diffuse in our kitchen. I keep Abode, AirX, Citrus Bloom, Balance, Northern Escape, Peppermint, and more.

I have accumulated my display cases over the years from the dōTERRA’s marketplace. There are also other great companies that offer different display options.

I like the 2-Tier Resin Marble Essential Oil Display by Oil Life (Oil Life Canada) or the Rotating Essential Oil Diffuser Stand (Oil Life Canada) or the Stone Essential Oil Holder (Oil Life Canada)

Since the new MetaPWR products launched in September 2022, I also have put these out on the countertop so I’m reminded to use them daily. I’m thinking of grabbing a tray like this from Amazon so I can organize and display them more easily and then move them around to wipe down the counter.


I have 2 stations set up in our bedroom as well.

Number 1: Roller Bottles on my nightstand. I bought the holder off of Amazon and actually have 2 of these in my home office and one in my bedroom.

Number 2: Diffuser station. This is where I keep all the oils that I like to diffuse before going to sleep like Adaptiv, Serenity, Lavender, Siberian Fir, and Roman Chamomile. I also keep a bottle of OnGuard & Breathe in the bedrooms for diffusing when we’re fighting colds in the house.

The key to your diffuser stations is grabbing a glass carafe and filling it with water. I love these ones from IKEA so you can easily fill up your diffusers instead of having to always walk them over to the bathroom to fill them up.


If you’re following along I tend to have 2 stations in each room. And it’s no different in the bathroom.

Number 1: Roller bottles, 15ml, 5ml, and face care

Number 2: Diffuser station. Here I keep 4 bottles that I love to diffuse as I get ready for the day: Island Mint, Malama, Sunny Citrus, and Citrus Bliss.

Since I only have 4 oils for diffusing in my bathroom I like the smaller display cases for just a few oils. I still need to get one for our new master bathroom. Something like this would be perfect.

Other options would be the Pixel Oil Display, the AromaTouch Technique Marble Display (this would be perfect because there is a space for a fractionated coconut oil bottle, which I use as a makeup remover), or a small natural wood mini essential oil display (Oil Life Canada).

Home Office

Can you guess how many oil stations I have in my home office? If you guessed 2 you would be correct! And while I do keep the beautiful wooden display box to house my extra oils bottles in my office I still have 2 other oil stations in the room.

Number 1: Roller Bottle Display

Number 2: Diffuser station. Here is where I have the blends I love diffusing for stress relief, focus, or fun blends that I like to make.

The 2-Tier Resin Marble Essential Oil Display by Oil Life (Oil Life Canada) or the Stone Essential Oil Holder (Oil Life Canada) would be perfect in a home office or work office as well.

The goal is to get them out of the box, out of the display boxes, and in plain sight for easier use.

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