dōTERRA 2019 Convention Recap

I’m back from the dōTERRA 2019 Convention with new products on hand, a heart that’s on fire for this company and the mission we have in this world.

Every September, customers and wellness advocates descend on Salt Lake City for the annual convention. This was my second year attending.

dōTERRA 2019 Convention

This year I attended with one of my new builders, Virginia. I had an absolute blast getting to know her better and experiencing sessions with her. We chose to experience convention in the Arena this year which was a new experience for me. I really loved the Arena stadium seating and the fact that every seat in the place was a great seat.

The only thing I didn’t love was not being able to bring our own food into the Arena.

dōTERRA 2019 Convention

Here is are some of the highlights for me:

  • The mission to “Pursue What’s Pure” is in everything they do. From the promise of purity, potency and consistency in the products to the co-impact sourcing projects around the world that benefit and improve the lives of farmers and harvesters to their research and science partnerships.


  • The keynote speaker Leon Logothetis (Kindness Diaries Author & TV Show Star) shared a great message: “It’s free to be kind”. How can we simply be more kind in our daily lives?! Leon shared this clip from his show and it had me in tears.
  • I loved learning about the clinical trial research on effective and safe dosing for essential oils and the half-life information they provided us around a few key oils. This company is taking steps to educate their customers on safety and usage.
  • dōTERRA is helping to establish the St. Elizabeth Integrative Cancer Centre in Kentucky. All due to one wellness advocate’s courage to make this partnership happen. I feel lit up to bring this model to Canada! If you’re reading this and a doctor or medical professional that would like to talk more, please use the contact page to reach out.
  • Our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Russell J. Osguthorpe, M.D. had an impactful saying “we are dogma changing”. This company is changing the face of healthcare. With the 3 established Prime Meridian clinics, they are already changing the face of healthcare in the United States to one of integrative medicine marrying allopathic and alternative medicine together. This company is on a mission to change the face of healthcare.
  • I’m in love with all the Healing Hand Foundation updates, from the dental project in Brazil to the women’s farming coop in India to distillery investments in New Zealand, Canada, and Bulgaria. I’ll be sharing more about each one over on my Facebook page.
dōTERRA 2019 Convention

Can you tell I was slightly excited to get my hands on the new products released at Convention?

dōTERRA 2019 Convention Kit

New dōTERRA Products

Do you want to find out what’s inside the bag?

  • Adaptiv™ Calming Blend
  • Adaptiv Capsules
  • Adaptiv Touch
  • Yarrow|Pom Body Renewal Serum
  • Yarrow|Pom Cellular Beauty Complex
  • Turmeric Dual Chamber Capsules
  • Lemon Eucalyptus 15 mL
  • Celery Seed 15 mL
  • Black Spruce 5 mL
  • Rose 5 mL
  • Citronella 15 mL
  • Tamer™ Digestive Blend
  • Peppermint Softgels

Here is more on the New Product Lineup

New dōTERRA Products

You can watch a FB live I did over on my page about how I’ll be incorporating them into my daily routine.

Let me paint a picture for you of one of my favorite moments of the week… We were asked to turn off our phones. The lights in the arena were turned off. And we were asked us to turn the lights on, from our phones. We lit up the arena. Such a simple visual cue to inspire us that we can truly be the light in our communities, in our homes, in our workplaces for empowering others with health and vitality.

dōTERRA 2019 Convention

I’ve got more information about this beautiful company dōTERRA over HERE! Including, details on how to purchase essential oils on your own wholesale account.

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  1. Hi Robyn, this was also my second year attending convention! It was another amazing and powerful experience. I was in the arena both years and wanted to let you know that my friends and I did take in food and had absolutely no problem with security, We used a clear bag and brought in…carrots, apples, bananas, salad, snow peas etc as well as trail mix. Just thought I would let you know in case you want to return to the arena for the great seats and energy it provides…plus we get to see the new products first:)

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