dōTERRA 2017 East Coast Leadership Recap

My mind is still reeling from dōTERRA East Coast Leadership Retreat. My time spent in Orlando at the beginning of March was so motivational, heartwarming and invigorating.

I arrived late in Orlando on Feb 28. My business bestie, Char McGie, graciously let me stay with her for the week and sent her patient husband to come to pick me up at the airport. I say, patient, because he was so kind, despite our flight being stuck at the gate for an hour. Another Canadian wellness advocate, Kelsey Reidl, was staying with Char as well so after quick hellos, it was off to bed because our next 2 days were going to be jam-packed with sessions full of listening and absorbing and brain reeling amazingness.

We rushed over to the Orlando convention center in the morning to find parking and raced through the center and then all the way over to the Hyatt for a breakfast hosted by our upline, Ange Peters. These convention centres are no joke! They are huge! I should’ve brought a scooter! After hugs and great conversation with so many high-level leaders on the team, we headed back over to the convention center to grab seats for the day.

The day started with keynote speaker, Justin Su’a. I’ve been listening to his podcast “Increase Your Impact” leading up to Leadership and I really loved how short & sweet his style is. On Weds, he spoke to us about 4 principles on How to Do Hard Things and the first principle really spoke to me.

Discover Your Why

When starting a network marketing business, someone in your upline usually tells you that you should write out what your why is. Sometimes you know right away. Sometimes you put a few words to paper but they haven’t really sunk in yet. This exercise is just as important as a company creating a mission or vision statement. When things get tough it’s always important to know what your why is. This will fuel you when getting up in the morning and designing a life where you leave a legacy that you want to put out into the world.

So what legacy do we want to leave on this world?

My why is to teach people how to be proactive with their health using essential oils as a key tool so that they never have to deal with a health crisis.

If I can help one person from experiencing the pain or fear of an auto-immune diagnosis then that will make my heart happy. But to truly create a legacy I needed to set my sight higher. I want to teach over 10,000 people how to take care of themselves proactively and I’m screaming from the rooftop this goal.

Justin Su’a finished up his talk with principles 2, 3 and 4 of doing hard things, which included flexing your positive muscles, learning from failure and being consistent with what works for you.

One of my favourite analogy stories that Justin told about being consistent and patient was about how bamboo grows. You can consistently water the bamboo plant and nothing happens, year after year, you can water the plant and nothing happens. All the while, the roots are taking shape and taking hold and then bam in the 5th year a bamboo plant can grow 90 ft in 6 weeks. At the end of the day, we can share oils, and post about them on social media but if we give up then we’ll never see the bamboo plant grow from our watering efforts.

In addition, to some amazing motivations here are some compensation, do good in the world and healthcare updates.

Empowerment Bonus

There is new bonus compensation for Premier & Silver leaders was announced. dōTERRA has Leadership Pools that are divided amongst all the leaders which is more than many other network marketing companies offer and now they’ve announced one for the middle ranks. The total sum of the pool will be made up of 1% of the global company volume. Each Premier and Silver who qualify will receive one share in the Empowerment Pool. To be eligible, a Wellness Advocate must be paid as a Premier or Silver that month. In addition, the Wellness Advocate needs to be the personal enroller of a new member (Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate) who enrolls with 100 PV or higher-order that month.

Annual Donations

But the thing that really filled my heart was seeing how much good dōTERRA is doing in the world. Over the last 12 months, dōTERRA and its customers have raised over $4 Million dollars for the Healing Hands Foundation. Not only is this company completely successful from a corporate capitalism standpoint (no debt) but they are so heart-centred. The Foundation builds schools in many of the communities where our oils are sourced. They help countries dealing with natural disasters from Haiti where Vetiver is sourced to Nepal where Wintergreen comes from. I’m so blessed to be part of such a giving company.

Healthcare Disruption

 My last update is that dōTERRA wants to create disruption in the healthcare industry. To do that they want to nurture relationships with healthcare practitioners. They want to establish a standard of care, and patient protocol and create science and validation.

  • They want to create new partnerships with healthcare practitioners to respect their education and the vast knowledge they already have. If you want to learn more or contact Dr. Hill about healthcare professionals, please email healthcare@doterra.com or visit https://sourcetoyou.com/healthcare/.

For other updates on new product announcements head on over to the doTERRA blog.

This Leadership Retreat was everything I imagined and I’m so happy I attended. My heart is on fire for this company and I’m so blessed I’ve found a “side hustle” that lights me up.

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