Diffuser Blends for Spring

Spring is in the Air. Literally!

Here are a few blends I’m going to try out to bring Spring to my office diffuser over the next few weeks!

You’ll notice a trend. In three of the 4 blends, I’m using Geranium? But why, you may ask.

My Essential Life book talks about how Geranium, when used aromatically, assists the body from going from feeling Neglected (a feeling we may definitely be feeling after the long winter) to feeling Mended.

And in my Modern Essentials book lists Geranium’s primary aromatic uses for agitation, air cleansing, physical stress, and aiding in PMS support.

Spring Diffuser Blend
Spring Diffuser Blend
Spring Diffuser Blend
Spring Diffuser Blend

I’ve also found some other delicious sounding blends so I’ve started a Diffuser Blends Board on Pinterest if you’d like to follow along.

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