Book Review: Decisive

What says:

In Decisive, Chip Heath and Dan Heath, the bestselling authors of Made to Stick and Switch, tackle the thorny problem of how to overcome our natural biases and irrational thinking to make better decisions, about our work, lives, companies and careers.
When it comes to decision-making, our brains are flawed instruments. But given that we are biologically hard-wired to act foolishly and behave irrationally at times, how can we do better? A number of recent bestsellers have identified how irrational our decision-making can be. But being aware of a bias doesn’t correct it, just as knowing that you are nearsighted doesn’t help you to see better. In Decisive, the Heath brothers, drawing on extensive studies, stories, and research, offer specific, practical tools that can help us to think more clearly about our options, and get out of our heads, to improve our decision-making, at work and at home.


What I say: I enjoy reading books by Chip & Dan Heath. I’ve now read Stick and this one. I like the simple things they’ve outlined that you can do to change your decision-making process. Things like widening your options, reality-test your assumptions by ooching (you’ll just have to pick up the book to understand that one), attaining distance before deciding & prepare to be wrong (how can you bookend your future or set tripwires in case of failure). I definitely recommend this book for organizational decision-making learning and can definitely see myself applying some of the tips to normal daily life.

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