Day 5 (Really 2) of Bikram Yoga

I am officially done with Bikram after my second class. Granted I had a horrible instructor this morning. And when I say horrible I’m being nice.

So I’m not just going to publicly vent about my experience but use my knowledge of health and fitness to disprove why I am not a fan of Bikram yoga.

1. When I practice yoga I sip water as needed. When practicing this morning I sipped water before the “scheduled” water break and the instructor called me out and told me not to drink water again unless told to. I went over to the Bikram Yoga site and found the following statement. “Water allowed during class.  Bikram suggests the 1ST water break take place after Eagle Pose, and then water as needed.” So I can understand that it may break up the flow of the class but if I need water because I don’t want to dehydrate then I’mma sip my water!

2. When I look for an amazing teacher I only like those that ask before putting their hands on students. Yoga can increase your flexibility however students should never push themselves further into a pose if the pain is too intense. An instructor should never push someone further or use jerking movements and low and behold my lovely Bikram teacher this morning did just that to a fellow participant. No ask and harsh jerky moves. Back over to the Bikram site and oh I found this “NO PHYSICAL, HANDS ON CORRECTIONS or adjustments of students (with the exception of Bikram!)” I didn’t put the caps lock although it seems like I may have in my rage.

3. One student wouldn’t stop talking either which was disruptive. The teacher chided the student and stated that “if you don’t stop talking I have to ask you to leave”. The warning was repeated after the 5th and 6th time he started talking but he was never asked to leave. It definitely made for difficulty concentrating.

So I’m going to take my yoga loving self and find a studio and teacher that I love and helps me in my practice instead of causing frustration and anger.

4 thoughts on “Day 5 (Really 2) of Bikram Yoga

  1. The instructor can really make, or in this case ruin, a class. That sounds like such a nightmare. I don’t think I’d be able to return after that either.

    If you’re looking for other hot options (i know you’ve tried Moksha) but look for a Baptiste studio, it’s a power yoga – I’m a fan of it.

  2. I am super hardcore about my yoga and I like it rough and active and maintaining motion which is why I usually practice 75 minute vinyasa flow hot classes.

    But Bikram is like military cruelty! Super unenjoyable. I agree with everything you said!

  3. it took me many many classes before I could say I liked anything about Bikram Yoga beyond how I felt at the end of class. Of course there will always be teachers you prefer over others. This is part of the challenge to work through your own frustrations and distractions and just simply do the yoga. The reality is yoru frustrations are really more about you then the instructor or other yogis. Let it go, breathe, stop thinking and do the yoga. I urge you to go back and try try try again, its just yoga. Two classes is really not much of a chance. I hope you will go back and not allow yoru self to be distracted. Best of luck

  4. Hey,

    Thanks for the comment. Totally hear what you’re saying. I’ve been practicing many forms of yoga for over 8 years. Bikram and that instructor was just not for me. I did let it go and I practice at studios that are a better fit for me 🙂

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