Day 3 of 3 Day Juice Cleanse


It really wasn’t that hard. A 3 day juice cleanse was exactly what I needed for a little pick me up. I never really felt horrible hunger pains, had great energy even by the end of the day and felt less lethargic for sure.

I left my 3 cooler bags with my concierge last night for pick up so overall it was an easy experience to go through. Slightly easier than packing my own food! A Juice Cleanse at work is quite easy as well because you can “juice” in meetings instead of eating a full meal!

The one thing I didn’t do was workout during my cleanse so I’m not sure if that would have increased the hunger pains. The calories were a bit low for me because I’m used to consuming such a higher amount but it was definitely do able! I don’t think I got grumpy once the whole time. Even with subway rage being a total possibility in my life.

Can’t wait to get back from the Arnolds and start a new workout phase and try some new clean eats. This cleanse definitely gave me a great refresh. I feel like the girl on the cover of their website. So Cheesy.


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