Day 2 Vancouver Amazingness

Following an amazing race, there was still more fun to be had in Vancouver for SeaWheeze! But first we brunch!

Kyla and I decided that we both liked the looks of the menu at Catch 122 and walked ourselves over to Gastown. Kyla was very very patient with my hobbling. I resembled a penguin dressed in SeaWheeze gear.


I loved that the sign outside said “We know, you know good coffee” because their cups of black brewed coffee were to die for. We also celebrated with mimosas! It was my first half marathon after all!


I chose the Liege Waffles – The Belgian Way. Those three pots of delight were fresh strawberries, chantilly cream & melted Belgian chocolate. I died. They were small enough to not overwhelm me but enough food to make me delightfully full. Oh and I ordered a side of bacon. Love me some bacon.


Kyla ordered The Catch 122: Poached eggs on croissant, house-cured wild salmon gravlax, gorgonzola, arugula, Yukon nugget potato hash. It looked delish as well and I knew it was good as we didn’t speak for 10 mins while we ate. I also didn’t get a picture of her meal before I realized it was all gone!

Kyla dropped me off back at the hotel room and ordered me to sleep. I may have Instagramed, texted and generally just rolled around the hotel bed in pain until I decided to venture out for food. I just walked (hobbled) back up the street to Urban Fare where we went for breakfast on Day 1 and ordered a chicken thigh & quinoa salad from the deli and grabbed a Kombucha for my belly.


Christina came back from her day of adventures and we decided to force ourselves to go to the Sunset Festival. We knew we’d regret it if we just stayed in bed all day!


We found out that they were offering photo booths so we could take pictures for the inside of our lockets. Me and my organizational self yelled out in the booth, smiles, goofy face and then two individuals 🙂 I love our goofy face picture so much it may win over my individual thumbs up pic for a spot in the locket.


Ok back to the festival fun. I am obsessed with Passenger. So obsessed that I started happy crying like a little kid when he started to play at the festival that night. He played Let Her Go and it was over for me. That has been my healing song over the past few months. I posted a video of him singing on Instagram and then just stood there giggling like a schoolgirl.




We unfortunately acted like little old ladies and left right after Passenger so we missed seeing/hearing Xavier Rudd. The weekend was just perfect. I’m proud to say we came, we yogaed (in front of SeaWheeze logos – see below), we ran, we partied. I left one happy woman.


One thought on “Day 2 Vancouver Amazingness

  1. “Quinoa salad from the deli and grabbed a Kombucha for my belly.” – You’re too cute!! I’m glad you had a nice relaxing Saturday afternoon, and I hope your hobbling has turned back into walking now! Luckily my legs weren’t too bad the next day – I spent Saturday afternoon in the pool and I think that really helped! Oh, and you’ll probably disown me for this, but I haven’t heard your Passenger song yet (or at least not that I know of.) Going to Youtube it now. See you this weekend! 🙂

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