Day 2 of 3 Day Juice Cleanse

Day 2 is almost over and today was pretty easy. I decided that I have to do something while drinking the green energy juices so I don’t think about the taste. So Drink 1: playing family feud on my iPhone. Drink 2: called my mother and rambled about wedding planning.

Only 1 flush movement happened today in the morning after my warm water & lemon juice. But that’s pretty normal for me. I’m feeling really great with energy. My stomach is definitely a little bit flatter which means the bloat is definitely being reduced. However the hunger pains around 6pm were out of control. Its almost 8 pm and I’m enjoying the Cashew Milk which is the 6th juice of the day. This and the Berry are now my favourite and I wish I could drink the Cashew Milk all day every day.

Already had less of a caffeine headache this morning although I miss my coffee. Only 1 green tea today too!

Got my hair cut and highlighted for the Arnolds and now getting my spray tan on! So excited!

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