Day 1 of 3 Day Juice Cleanse

So I’m off to the Arnold Sports Festival this weekend so I thought I would go through a 3 day juice cleanse just before. I’ve been eating emotionally recently and definitely injesting things I shouldn’t so I thought why not give my system a clean out.

I researched a couple of Toronto based cleanses and landed on Total Cleanse. Their website is easy to navigate and they are actually quite affordable. If you check out their FAQ session alot of questions are answered neat and concisely.

I choose the 3 day Energize Cleanse. It consists of 2 green juices, 2 lemonades, 1 berry and 1 cashew milk.

It arrived at 1am on Sunday night. My concierge instead of keeping it for me called me. So I lost a bit of sleep last night. They came in 3 different cooler bags. Easy to throw in the fridge and take to work with me.

The green juices to be honest are not the easiest to down. I kind of had to plug my nose and chug on the second one. I really loved the lemonades and the berry ones. The milk was awesome as well. I feel satiated but definitely wish I had higher calories. I did have a handful of almonds at night. In addition to the 6 “juices” I started my day with warm water with 1/4 of a lemon squeeze into it, lots of water throughout the day and 2 cups of green tea.

**Gross Disclaimer Part**

I cleaned my system right out after the warm water, 1st and 2nd juices. If you’re doing the cleanse while at work you must be able to go to the washroom several times as you’ll be peeing so much all day.

Well it wasn’t that gross. I kept it clean 🙂


3 thoughts on “Day 1 of 3 Day Juice Cleanse

  1. I have maybe a silly question but I want to ask anyway. Doing a juice cleanse – do you eat regularly while you’re doing this or just drink liquids?

  2. I’m not eating solid food for 3 days to truly see if I can do the cleanse. They have options where you can eat inbetween as well. I just needed a good flush 🙂

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