Date Night Idea – Hike & Homemade Pizza

In the lovely world of dating sometimes the standard “let’s go for a coffee” is just not going to cut it in my world. I’m of the mindset that if you’re going to spend an hour with someone new you should 1. have fun 2. not feel like you’re wasting your time so do fun things and 3. do things that make it easier to chat and get to know someone.

So with that being said I just had the most chill and fun date night that cost less than a dinner out to execute. First thing on the schedule was to work up an appetite. Since it’s “almost” spring in Toronto and the snow has started to melt it was a perfect sunny evening to adventure outside. There is a gorgeous trail in North York that I do long runs on the weekend so I thought this would be a great place to start. This is probably not a first date idea as you are going off into the woods with someone so you should make sure they aren’t an axe murderer first.



After sufficient starvation feelings have been created run immediately to the nearest grocery store for ingredients for a homemade pizza night. We grabbed garlic naan, pesto, apple butter bbq sauce, orange pepper, mushrooms & buffalo mozzarella. I already had crock pot chicken that I cooked during sunday night food prep in the fridge and sundried tomatoes so it was a perfect combination. Make the pizzas together. Definitely can create some laughs and test the other person for kitchen skills! Then enjoy!



Happy Dating!

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