Cyberbullying, Our Ego & Keep On Keeping On

WARNING: I did something I shouldn’t have done. I read a thread cyberbullying me. My ego got rocked and I learned how to keep going on.

When I googled myself yesterday to see what the 1st 2 pages of my google rankings are looking like I was shocked to find an internet thread attacking me. This site is pure hatred and shouldn’t exist but then again I can’t control the world so I should’ve known this would eventually happen by the number of things I share publicly and how vulnerable I try to be.

Mistake Number 1: I clicked on the link and read the entire thread. It is my fault for doing that and no one else’s.

Mistake Number 2: I let my ego be upset by what I read. Yes, I am human and tried to explain that it was ok to cry but I let myself read horrible words that I know were going to be in the post.

Correction Number 1: I immediately sought out my family & friends who would put me back into the right frame of mind. I shared a picture of trolls and wanted to hug trolls on my Instagram to reach out to them with positivity and get back the positivity I needed to pull myself out of upset.

Correction Number 2: I posted in the private Facebook group Xen Bliss Community because I knew I would get the immediate love (even if it was tough) that I needed to be put back into a safe space of positivity and awesomeness.

If you have ever dealt with Cyber Bullies or Anonymous Hate I have 3 things I’d like you to do.

1. I create a safe space for myself to keep on being Robyn Baldwin – Alpha Female [insert your name here]. I’m not going to change who I am or what I put out there. For those of you who think I’m your cup of tea and give back all the positivity, I put out there, THANK YOU. You are my tribe and I adore you thank you for being exactly what I need on a daily basis.

2. I did learn from the internet trolls that I can do a better job of explaining what Alpha Female means to me. I also learned that I may have met one of them in person and didn’t come off across the way they thought. I can always be kinder, I can always fight through being shy when meeting people and if you don’t like me then we weren’t meant to vibe and connect 🙂

HAVE AN AMAZING DAY! You too internet trolls if you read this! You deserve to have an amazing day too!

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