Cortisol Stress

I’m at a phase in my health journey where I’m optimizing my health. I’ve been going to see a Naturopath for over 2 years almost now. I get a blood test done before the appointment so that we can review the results during my time there. We start off the conversation by reviewing my supplementation and general health. Am I sleeping well? How is my digestion? Bowel movement consistency? – OH YEAH WE GO THERE 🙂 Physical activity levels? Energy levels?

This past week I went for the first time this year to see my Naturopath. I’ve had 9 months since my last appointment and a couple of things I was “working on”.

1. Magnesium Absorption: I was having mad muscle cramps last year. Really bad foot and calf cramps in the middle of the night. I was put on a Magnesium supplement last year which helped immensely. Now we are just figuring out the right brand and dosage levels so I don’t overdo it.

I was on Trophic for a while and then switched to Poliquin Ubermag PX. Just recently I’ve been on a different brand for the past few months and we think it may not be ok with my stomach so I have to purchase some more Ubermag this week.

2. Cortisol Levels: Last November was when I had my last blood test and I was needless to say a bit stressed. So we expected my cortisol levels (stress hormone) to be extremely high at this time. I’ve been working hard this year on taking care of myself and finding my happy to ensure I keep my levels low. But low and behold we found that it’s off the charts high now. The normal range is between 170-540 and I’m at 826! EEep!


This could be a combination of many things. Daily work/life stress in combination with the amount of fitness I do in combination with so many goals and pressures in combination with not “truly resting”. So for the next month, I have been charged with working on my routine and ensuring I get proper rest and relaxation. Yoga, tea & meditation are prescribed! And exercise is a form of stress on your body so it’s just ensuring I’m taking care of myself, keeping pressure off of myself and getting rest while continuing my training.

3. Another goal I had was to minimize bruising. This was potentially a correlation to the number of supplements I was ingesting that can lead to blood thinning. I stopped taking Omega 3 gel caps. Now I only use a tablespoon of NutraSea Fish Oil in my smoothie and take my Magnum Primer which contains an Omega 3, 6, and 9 blends of fish, flax & borage oil. I reduced my CLA dosage & fat burner dosage as well. Problem SOLVED. While I still have bruised this year it’s been only during epic obstacle tackling at Tough Mudder or Warrior Dash.

In good news, my vitamin D & B12 absorption is fine and great. Yay for energy.

Do you see a Naturopath? What do you go to them for?

7 thoughts on “Cortisol Stress

  1. I never knew coritsol levels could be tested, how interesting!
    I’d love to see a nautropath and have my levels of all the things evaluated. I recently learned about magnesium and muscle cramping from my massage therapist – I had no idea magnesium helped with that until recently.

  2. I have been there with high cortisol. Drop the cardio WAY down. Best thing I ever did. Just do a few HITT a wk. Good luck!

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