Career Tip: Complacency vs. Challenge

Once you graduate from higher learning we are taught that we should have it all figured out. We should choose our career path and get started and climb that ladder. This generation is much better at taking time off and realizing dreams, traveling or completing bucket list items before getting settled in a career.

I graduated in the Spring of 2005 and I jumped right into the working world. I started selling out of home advertising in Toronto right off the back and learned a lot about myself in 4 months and decided it just wasn’t for me. So I tried my hand at media planning and found my home. There is a great side to the advertising world and that is the abundance of client accounts to work on. I have had the pleasure to work on consumer packaged goods accounts, tourism, retail, automotive and now luxury goods, beauty, lifestyle products and investments. In my short career I have moved around to different agencies to gain knowledge and experience.

There can be said, that loyalty to a company is important. There can also be said that having different experiences, working with different management styles and different clients has taught me a breadth and depth of knowledge that I would never have gotten from just one place of business. Sure loyalty is important but I believe that the moment you get complacent you should seek out a new challenge. If your place of business can provide that for you then perfect. You get to combine company loyalty with challenge. Should it not exist seek it out and grasp it.

And back to that traveling or bucket list thing that popped into my brain. I launched my career and wouldn’t have done it any way right out of school. As I build my own wealth I just have to ensure that I stop, cross off a bucket list item, travel and never stay complacent for one second.

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