Community Clean Up with Anupaya

So after becoming a brand ambassador with Anupaya earlier this year I was excited to participate in my first community clean up. I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning and drove with Rogue (our dutch shepherd) to Deep River. The company found an illegal shooting range littered with trash, so they organized a group, brought a bunch of trailers in and they rallied their community to show up and start cleaning.

Anupaya Community Clean Up

Because I brought Rogue with me I had to stick to the outskirts of the range as there was a lot of broken glass down the middle. I’d find a patch of broken skeet clays and I’d get Rogue to sit and then I’d start picking up all the small pieces and throwing them in garbage bags.

Renovation Garbage

We also dragged old rugs out of of the bush and shingles and siding.

Anupaya Community Clean Up

There were also lots of live rounds and shell casings. Because we had a few kids with us we taught them how to tell the difference so they didn’t touch the live rounds.

Shell Casings
Deep River Garbage
Garbage TVs

As the day went on, I couldn’t help but think that if we spend this time cleaning up after the people that left everything here. We’re simply providing them with a reason to keep doing the things they are doing because they know we’ll clean up after them.

In an effort to mitigate that, Anupaya placed haybales with target distances on the range and a garbage can for them to hopefully place the empty shell casing in. We hope they take us up on our offer.

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