2014 Christmas Bucket List

So my love for bucket lists continues. I’ve gone from seasonal (I usually create summer & winter bucket lists) to holiday this time and created a Christmas Bucket List so I can enjoy everything this holiday has to offer. It’s also my favourite time of the year so I can’t wait to indulge my Christmas Holiday Spirit.

Here is an image I made for Instagram with some of the initial things that I know I want to do.

Christmas Bucket List

I’ve also gotten suggestions from friends to add the following:

1. Winter Drive Blasting Christmas Music on the Radio

2. Buy Toys for a Christmas Toy Drive

3. Bake Christmas Cookies

4. Make Homemade Christmas Cards

5. Kiss Santa on the Cheek

6. Starbucks Red Cup Date

What else would you add? Comment on the blog and share your ideas with me!

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