Chobani Has Arrived in Toronto!

I’m a lucky duck because Chobani has actually been in my Loblaws at Bayview Village for the majority of 2011. When I was telling people to switch from regular to greek yogurt and recommending Chobani noone else seemed able to find it. However… They are now in luck! Chobani is being widely released in Loblaws, Fortinos, Superstore & Valu-Mart locations in the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton for all my Hammer Fans.

Here’s the skinny on greek yogurt!

1. It has twice the amount of protein as normal yogurt!

2. Chobani states they have 5 live & active cultures and 3 probiotics. This means happy gut health!


How can you consume greek yogurt?

1. Chobani makes great snack size cups that you can eat on the go or as a “dessert” if you’re snacking in the evening.

2. I love to eat homemade granola and greek yogurt together.

3. You can substitue greek yogurt in baking for butter, oil, sour cream, etc. Recipes available at if you’re interested!

4. Mid Month Motivation Holiday Snack Treat: mix a dash of organic cocoa, cinnamon and a spoonful of honey with Plain Chobani Greek Yogurt. Stir. Consume. Enjoy. Lick The Spoon!

Fun Fact: Chobani means shepherd in Mediterranean languages and is a symbol of giving yet asking nothing in return. It’s a word that holds much meaning for Hamdi (CEO, Founder & President), and this notion of generosity shines vividly through the Shepherd’s Gift Foundation, the charitable arm of Chobani, which gives 10% of the company’s profits to individuals working for positive, long lasting change.



2 thoughts on “Chobani Has Arrived in Toronto!

  1. Thanks for helping us spread the word, Robyn! We couldn’t be happier about finally hitting Canadian shelves. If anyone would like more info, please visit our website, share with us on Facebook, or chat with us on Twitter.

    Nothing but good!

    Emily, Chobani

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