Celebrating 100 Years!

This past weekend we celebrated Dorothy Baldwin turning 100 Years old this year.

Dorothy Baldwin
Dorothy Baldwin

We had a huge family reunion in Kingston, Ontario at the Faculty club and got the whole family together again. The last time we saw everyone was for our wedding last year.

My favourite memories of the night are taking pictures with the whole family, having my dad and his brothers (my uncles) share their favourite memories of Dorothy (Dorsey).

So Dorsey is kind of a big deal…

Kind of a Big Deal

The great-grandchildren and a few grandchildren managed to put over 100 candles on her 2 cakes.

Getting the Cakes Ready

Thankfully, my uncle Blair ensured that we didn’t set off any fire alarms.

Blowing Out 100 Candles

One of the coolest stories of the night is about the portrait in the above photo. Dorsey sat for the famous portrait photographer Yousuf Karsh. While she was working for an Air Transportation company Karsh asked her boss if he could photograph her.

We found her sitting documented on the Karsh organization’s website!

Did you know he took portraits of the likes of Princess Elizabeth, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, and way more famous names and Dorothy Baldwin (nee Pearson)! So our grandmother is really kind of a big deal!

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