Career Tip: New Girl Tips & Tricks

So I started at a new agency last week and got to experience being the new girl in the office again. As this is my 5th agency I’ve had the pleasure of learning the ropes of a new agency’s corporate culture and office fun several times now. Here are a couple of tips and tricks that I’ve developed to figure out the lay of the land.

1. Smile at everyone. This is an obvious one since it’s a great way to get people to say hello. Who can look away from a smile?

2. This should be a given as well. But remember your firm handshake. No one likes a limp wrist.

3. Read alot. Find the shared server. Find the folders that apply to your job and read. Absorb as much information as your brain can handle the first few days.

4. Listen, look and learn. It’s important to assert your skills but it’s even more important to watch and learn and see how things are run and how you can fit in appropriately.

5. Be on Time. Be there before 9. Don’t abuse the hour long lunch and don’t jump up and run at 5pm. No need to work very late or come in really early. Just be punctual.

5. Take on tasks that are needed to help your current coworkers lighten their load. Shows initiative, that you’re eager to help and helps you learned the business faster then if you sit on your hands.

6. Ask questions. I always like to ask about corporate culture, if coworkers are friendly and like to chat or keep to themselves. Helps you not to step on anyone’s toes and you learn how to fit in or stand out should you choose.

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